Freedom is an Inside Job: the Overunity Circuit of the Body Electric

Towards the Free Energy Human

In the terminology of free energy devices, one often hears the term “over unity”, which refers to when a free energy generator generates more electricity than it consumes. Very often, this is the edge that inventors work with, how to cross that Rubicon, which is almost like stepping through the looking glass. We are so inculcated by the dominant paradigm to believe that the idea of free energy defies the “laws of science”, but even if we consider those laws for a few moments in the scale of all things, we quickly understand that, for the mind of man to have an explanation of how everything works is actually what is impossible. The brain is a very limited device, (especially the way we have used it up until now,) that only picks up a tiny, if not infinitesimal spectrum of what exists. And yet, it is this brain from whence ALL of the laws of science have come.

I would like to suggest that there may be a parallel process to this overunity process, that is possible within the human being, a way to exist in which we generate more energy than we consume. Of course this can be applied to the physical level, but could it be applied at the level of consciousness as well?

What would someone be like who was generating more energy, or consciousness, than they were consuming? Well, since humans come in all shapes and sizes, it is easy to imagine that everyone who comes into Overunity would express that in a different way. But perhaps there would also be some things in common that they all would share.

The whole idea of Overunity is in itself one of absolute abundance. We are so used to living in scarcity, the debt paradigm, that something like overunity seems impossible. But let’s just suspend judgement for a moment and take a closer look.

Nutrition from the other side

Imagine, for example, not having to eat. First of all, not having to kill to eat, but eventually, not having to eat at all. Why is it that to live, we have to destroy something “else”, and consume its energy? Or perhaps not having to breathe, but rather be able to draw pranic energy directly from Source, the Divine Eternal and Infinite Dimension that contains all energy and possibility. Why not??

“My idea is that the development of life must lead to forms of existence that will be possible without nourishment and which will not be shackled by consequent limitations. Why should a living being not be able to obtain all the energy it needs for the performance of its life functions from the environment, instead of through consumption of food, and transforming, by a complicated process, the energy of chemical combinations into life-sustaining energy? “ Nikola Tesla

“The implication is that the human body can transmute ambient energy into nutrients, and through the practice of cultivating this ability one can live comfortably for as long as one wishes without food, and possibly without drinking water. This is described as a siddhi (a power) in the Yoga Sutras as Pada 111.30: liberation from hunger and thirst.” Dean Radin

from the same article: “Liberation from food and hunger does indeed sound unrealistic and, from what we know of modern day biology, impossible. But the history of science has shown us many times that the impossible can become the possible in an instant. “

In the following video, the new scientist Nassim Haramein talks about his experience of living for three years without eating, and also with less and less water. One thing he mentions that i found interesting was the idea that one could be in a transitional phase of moving towards the capacity to live without food, and could be receiving some, but not all of their nutrients and energy directly from Source, and the rest from eating food. It does not have to be “all or nothing”. For example, the practice of intermittent fasting, like eating only one meal a day. Then we could transition, being almost like a “hybrid” car, running partly on gasoline (food), and partly on electricity (prana).

Another noteworthy thing he points out is that the less food we eat, the less toxins we ingest, which is rapidly becoming a major problem as our food supply becomes more and more contaminated with toxins and chemicals. Not to mention all the energy it takes to digest food, as well as to buy it, to earn the money to buy it, and prepare it too. Do we really receive more energy than we use dealing with food? And then there is all the energy consumed by farming, shipping food in trucks, all the humans required to do the work. And in the case of meat consumption, even more energy and time is required to grow and feed the cattle (which are living beings that have to be heartlessly slaughtered no matter how you look at it…is there a way to measure the cost of this on a soul level?), and even more energy is required as well to digest meat, like about 7 hours to fully digest it. Is this economy???


Then we have the implications being in Overunity would have for self healing, as well as for healing each other. When this connection opens, we are able to bask effortlessly in the sunlight of pure wholeness, which is bliss itself. It stands to reason that the more one is able to relax into this current of eternal wholeness, the more one’s physical vehicle, and the world around one, would come into wholeness as well. In the following article, i found it interesting how the whole issue of pH, which we now are realising is a key element in good health, is actually an electrical one.

Imagine the possibilities! Imagine a reality without entropy, that pesky tendency that everything seems to have to eventually gradually fall apart, die and decay.


For creative artists of all types, connecting the Overunity Circuit can mean a quantum leap in the whole creative process. As we know that all forms appear spontaneously in a spiraling fractal process, which stretches to infinity in both directions, large and small, when this circuit is “switched on” in us, we can simply participate in the spontaneous patterning of the universe with no necessity for a “doer”, and without effort. Our art will spontaneously take on the characteristics of the beauty of nature, with the proportions of sacred geometry. And we all know that Nature is the Supreme Artist. It has been said that “art imitates nature”, but we can take it a quantum step further, as we are part of nature. Why imitate what you already are? Simply BE it, and it will express naturally through you. Stay tuned for a more in-depth exploration of this topic.

Death and taxes

I know, all the spiritual teachings say you can’t avoid death, and later we added taxes to that, but inquiring minds want to know: Why? Are you sure? Just because we don’t see it happening (beings avoiding, or even better, transcending death,) doesn’t mean that it doesn’t. I mean, there are billions of things happening every day that you don’t see happen! Do you really know for sure that death is inevitable? Even if it has been inevitable up to this moment, does that mean that it needs to continue being inevitable?

The Tibetan tradition of Rainbow Body is just one example.

“Through the practice of tögal, the practitioner can dissolve his or her body into the ‘Light Body’ (Tib. འོད་སྐུ་, ö ku), where the body transforms into light and disappears completely into space. This was done by Garab Dorje, Manjushrimitra, Shri Singha, Jnanasutra and Vairotsana. “

from Juliet Carter, of the Template Ceremonies:

“Understand this. It’s ALL about frequency and if you aren’t tending to yours, you waste your time on distracting and likely destructive detritus. Go within to affect without. This has been known and acknowledged by every great being who has imparted their knowledge with serious intent of aiding evolution. You have that power and no other effort will accomplish the impact of purposeful influence on the field of experiential expression. Death is an imposition and your work is to reveal this impostor superceding its interventionary stage (energy cannot be annihilated only transformed) by conscious cognition. Never was there a time when you did not exist, never will there come a time when you cease to be. Period.

At a frequency level, Humanity is broadcasting a message of fear, a message that reads: ‘I am afraid. I am afraid of annihilation. I am afraid of eternal separation from all that I love. I am afraid of death.’ As this wave of fear is broadcast from a few billion units of circuitry, a mirror image of reality supports its validity all over the world, collectively forming and stabilising a morphogenetic field that forms a cocoon of belief in which the dormant immortality of Humanity never finds its wings, but dies over and over again.

The metamorphosis from mortal to immortal will be stabilized when our collective consciousness creates a resonant global structure providing points of behavioral reference that allow the individual unit of circuitry to contain and transmit the higher frequencies which will break the tyranny of the present fear-based mortal consensus- a new consensus reached by a critical mass of reconnected units of bio-circuitry, able to translate and transmit the full spectrum of the creative directive emanating from Source, providing new archetypal reference points in the collective that is the morphogenetic field, breaking the spell of our mortal trance and reconnecting the planetary biosphere to the immortal continuum.”

Chapter12: Conspiracy of Mortality (P.176)
Words by Juliet Carter


Flip the switch


So perhaps enlightenment is the moment when your human vehicle begins to go into Overunity, or at least begins to access the possibility. Something happens, as the knot of ego at the heart- root is cut, almost as if a switch has been flipped, and the current rushes in, directly, from the Infinite Supply. And, since the supply IS infinite, we know that, right?, why would it ever stop? If your body has the capacity to regenerate all of its cells, why doesn’t that process continue forever? We know that we have that capacity, and yet somehow, even though it does happen, eventually the “death program” kicks in, and degeneration takes over.

And I’m going to suggest that this passage into Overunity is the ONLY real solution for the “freedom problem”. No matter what we may be working on in the “outer” 3D realm to achieve some kind of freedom, we can very easily see that it will not last. So, when thinking about freedom, we might be better off thinking about liberation. When our energy is liberated, i.e. free energy, then we go into Overunity.

The freedom problem

Let’s look into this whole idea of freedom, shall we? Seems to me that humanity is having a BIG freedom problem. Our “freedoms” are being rapidly taken away, by the biggest purveyor of “freedom” there is. Talk about a disconnect!!

But, you know what? That is the method of the Parasite. It takes every word, every idea, and turns it into a grotesque imitation of the real thing. And, that imitation always turns out to be the exact opposite of what the word was supposed to mean originally.

So what can we do about this freedom problem that we have, that will actually be truly effective? We are ranting and raving, fighting each other over which politician is going to save our ass, or maybe it’s Jesus or Mohammed or Buddha or yoga or kirtan or mindfulness or guns or gold or ascended masters or jobs or you name it. There are SO many things out there that we are hoping is going to do it for us. Meanwhile, we watch as, well, no, that doesn’t really solve the world’s problems either. Things just appear to be getting worse and worse. Where do we turn?

There is no solution out there. How’s that for an idea? Perhaps that’s an idea whose time has come. Just look for a minute at the politicians, for example. Do you see any politicians who genuinely care about the people enough to do anything that actually means something? Do you see any of them serving anyone other than themselves and their bosses?

Politicians are here to enforce the paradigm

Why do you persist in looking to them as if somehow they are going to solve the problems? They are creating them!!! that is their function! We give them that authority, by abdicating our own. And that is how their system works. They assume our consent to their authority, because we have never refused it.

So let’s try this radical idea on for size: There is no solution “out there”. In fact, there may very well be no “out there” at all.

Isn’t that what Buddha (and the scientists) have been telling us? The world is maya, illusion. So, what part of that is it that we don’t understand? Yes, we go to all the Buddhist meditations, with our fancy yoga pants, and we chant all the names of God (and who knows, other than what we have been told, who and what all those gods are, anyway?). But somehow, we persist in believing this maya is real. Maybe all that, with all the deities and religious hierarchies and systems, is part of the maya as well.

We are convinced if we just get rid of this or that politician, then everything will go better. We are adamant about it. We get into fights with our friends about it. We even destroy our relationships over it. We have no idea what we would put in its place, but that’s irrelevant. We are totally focused on what we don’t want.

But wait! Didn’t we learn about the law of attraction? that whatever we focus on expands?

“ People go on talking about freedom, but they don’t want freedom exactly, they want irresponsibility. They ask for freedom, but deep down, unconsciously, they ask for irresponsibility, license. Freedom is maturity, license is very childish. Freedom is possible only when you are so integrated that you can take the responsibility of being free.” Osho

We have the “American” version of freedom, which seems to go something like this: I can do whatever i want, whenever i want to. That’s freedom. OK then, what if what i want to do harms or bothers others? Oops, i didn’t think about that, but yeah i sure don’t want others to bother me, so i guess that’s ok, but how do we enforce this? Oh, well, we’ll need some people with guns, i guess, hate to do it, but how else can you make someone do what they don’t want to do?

We don’t really need to go any further down this track, it’s not difficult to see that it leads nowhere. But that’s where we are already. Nowhere.

Nowhere or now here

It is also NOW HERE. And that’s the turning point. The HereNow is the portal to true freedom. When you reach the dead end, where there is nowhere left to turn, then you notice the final option, to turn within.

The Here is within us. How can you get more “here” than right exactly where you are?

Politics is collective ego.

Saturn, Satan, Capricorn, ego, hierarchy, politicians. It’s all the same archetype. When you see through ego, (and in particular your own,) you see through politics, it’s as simple as that. It becomes as plain as the emperor with no clothes. Totally obvious, there is no solution there. It is a cheap imitation of what you are looking for, which is Authority. “The authorities” are just a projected imitation of your own authority, which is the real deal.

If you really look at it, politics and governments do exactly the same thing to humans en masse, that the ego does for the individual. They are impostors, let’s face it, put there only to impede our awakening. And we need to deal with them in a similar way as we deal with our ego, which is putting them in their place, as servant, not master.

Your own authority is also Saturn, in its essential expression. To put it simply, Saturn’s true function is present time memory, that is, remembering who you ARE. Who you TRULY are. RIGHT NOW. Just the “mere” fact of your existence, if you could but really feel and embody it totally. This is the source of authority, and it is YOUR authority. No one else is going to give it to you. Saturn also rules crystallization, which has a positive aspect as well. That is the crystal basis of all form. And this word “crystal” is uncannily close to the word Christ. Christal. hmmmm.. is this some kind of riddle we have to solve?? Is Saturn actually Christ? In disguise? hmmmm. Perhaps the pressure of the limitations of Saturn is what transforms us into the prismatic diamond that refracts the Primal Light into the rainbow reality we are dreaming up as we go, much like the crystal and laser of a holographic projector.

Freedom is an inside job.

You are not going to find it “out there”. Because freedom is not an experience. It is not even an inner experience. But turning within is the first step to going beyond experience altogether. But then we eventually find, that even our insides are “out there”. If it is perceivable as an experience, inner or outer, then it is not you. And if it is not you, it is not freedom. Who is it that is the witness of all this, both inner and outer?

Yes of course, it is a noble thing when people are free to live their lives without interference from control systems. And there are many control systems. But these control systems are all part of the same construction, and that is the Parasite. That is the predator entity that is feeding on the golden nectar that each one of us has within our souls.

Until we recognize this, the “topic of topics”, that humanity is NOT the top of the food chain, we are not going to find the way through this. And, we have to do it together. en masse. At least critical mass. And we have to do it NOW. There is no more time.

So how would we flip this switch inside of us, and pass into Overunity? In other words, how do we wake up to our true divinity? an age-old question, and a unique process for each individual. I can only offer some insights that have arisen in my own process. Feel free to take what’s useful to you and discard the rest.


The miracle midbrain



Let’s consider our brain for a moment. Now, I am also no expert on the brain and how it works, so all i can do is tell you my own understanding from my own experience, feel free to take it or leave it.

On the top of the brain we have the neocortex. Apparently, this is the newer (hence, the “neo” prefix) part of the brain, and then at the top of the spine, at the base of the brain,  we have the more ancient “reptile” brain and the limbic part of the brain as well. And then we also have the pineal gland and the pituitary glands, also in the centerof the head. These last three parts are all in the center of the head.

Recently i came across the work of Dr. Pillai, who is a man from India who used to be a guru called Sri Dattatreya, but dropped all that to be a more scientific explorer of consciousness, but of course, he is, apparently, an enlightened being, a yogi from the Indian tradition. He became known as the guru of Dr. Wayne Dyer. He found that certain sounds, or “phonemes”, stimulate certain parts of the brain, and had some scientists analyze which parts of the brain were affected by which sounds.

Anyway, he found that the “reptile” brain, which he actually calls the mid-brain, is activated by the sound mmmmmm, simply sung on a single note. Now, he calls this part of the brain the miracle brain. Not the reptile brain.

I found this fascinating for many reasons, and so decided to try practicing it, as I’m all for miracles.

The Primal Music Practice

What struck me immediately, is that this practice of singing mmmmmmm on a single note is the primal music practice. This is the simplest musical practice you could do, and it is something that anyone, whether musician or not, can do. And really, it is the first sound you ever made. mmmmmama. And, it doesn’t matter whether you are an accomplished musician, or a complete beginner, you will benefit from singing it. In fact, it doesn’t matter who you are at all.

Try it yourself, and notice what happens as you do it. Maybe you will feel nothing. But then again, maybe something will happen. Maybe even a miracle! Simply find a comfortable note, perhaps with a drone, and sing mmmmmm over and over for a while.

What i notice about this simple technique is that it helps to relax attention out of the neo cortex and into the midbrain.

Why is that important? Well, first of all, the neo cortex is the duality brain. The right brain and the left brain. It always works in terms of duality. And when attention is jammed up into the neo cortex, it fixates on duality in a very convincing manner.

So politics is just a way to keep our attention fastened into the neo cortex. For example, Democrat/Republican. If you are still caught up in the Democrat/Republican paradigm, i guarantee you, your attention is stuck in the neo cortex. Duality. There’s me, and there’s the other. There’s my country, and the “enemy” country. My party (partido means “divided” in Spanish), and the other party.

And the TV, i’m sure, is designed to keep us fixated in the duality based frontal lobes, co-opting our infinite imaginations to create their dystopian nightmare. And that includes the “programming”, which is all based around reinforcing duality. Good guy/bad guy shows, sports, romance, news, all of it.

And the blatant and rampant social engineering that is sweeping the planet has one purpose: divide and conquer in order to keep everyone fixated on duality, and cowering in fear of “the other”.

So allow attention to relax out of the neo-cortex into the mid-brain. Sounds simple. But wait, we don’t want to go there, that’s the REPTILE brain! oooh, that’s the “fight or flight” brain! that’s too “animal” , too primal for me…i prefer to stay “up here” in the more intelligent, “civilized” brain!


This is your brain on “civilization”

Notice how “scientists” are always analyzing the brain, and particularly the neo-cortex, left brain vs. right brain, as if that’s the only organ that has any intelligence to it. “This is your brain on music”, for example. These guys are always trying to find out how music works, and how it affects us, by analyzing our brains. But there is SO much more to music than just what happens in the brain. Of course, they could just try to learn music, to really see for themselves, but it seems they’d prefer to analyze it from the outside than to engage first-hand experience of the miraculous process that music really is. This is the problem with conventional science, completely forgetting that the observer, and their state of consciousness, has everything to do with what happens.


But with this over-emphasis on the cortex, where apparently we have gone beyond “primitive” culture, we get used to equating our intelligence to this “civilized” part of us.

OK, civilized. hmmm. Look at what “civilization” is doing. How does it look to you? To me, civilization looks completely barbaric. The ones who appear the most civilized are the worst. Life force choked off by a necktie, they thrive on ruining the lives of others. And they do it from high up in their skyscrapers, their control towers, stuck up in their heads, worshiping their own brain as some kind of deity. The heart is noticeably absent in those circles, the halls of governments and so on.

So i wonder if we’ve actually been sold a bill of goods about the mid-brain, and for a very good reason, in that it is the key to actual freedom. First of all, the mid-brain is NOT dual. It is the survival reflex. And it is 360 degree here now awareness. But a problem has arisen, because the inner circuitry has been hijacked and disconnected. We all know this, right? Only a small part of our brain is being used, right? We’ve all heard that before. OK, so how do we hook it up again?

What i notice when the mid-brain gets activated by practicing the mmmm, is that the pineal starts to activate as well. That’s right, the third eye. So then, AHA. Perhaps the “reptile” brain is SUPPOSED to be connected to the third eye, pineal, and also the pituitary, which opens the crown. But it has been disconnected. The pineal has atrophied. And we are all beginning to notice that it is being done by design. Fluoride is one of the main ingredients in the calcification of the pineal. It is like groping blindly in the dark, when the pineal is not active. No wonder fear arises! We have lost our capacity for multi-dimensional vision. We have lost the ability to perceive the levels of existence and forces beyond the five senses.

In order for this whole central part of the brain to reactivate, we need to relax attention there, out of the neo-cortex. When we do, something miraculous begins to happen. After all, the “resurrected” mid-brain is the miracle brain. This mid-brain knows no time. It is always now, it is always aware. And it is from there, the workings of the dualistic mind can be witnessed, and the two halves of the neo-cortex can be resolved. And if we persist in this, our outer manifestation will begin to transform in miraculous ways.

So how does the Parasite keep us from reactivating the mid-brain? Be constantly pulling our attention, which IS our golden nectar of Eternal Pure Awareness, up into the neo-cortex. And its methods for doing this are endless. But there is a theme running through all of these methods, and that is, duality. Any time you are involved in anything that pits one side against another, your attention is being sucked into this part of the brain, and then out of your eyes and ears. But don’t take my word for it. Just observe very closely, and see if this is true for you.

Do your therapy

I don’t mean to be simplistic about this, however. This technique of humming can potentially be helpful, but it will work much better if your attention is not bound in some way by dualistic thought, or emotional complexes.

To release attention from compulsive dualistic thought and reactive emotions can be a real challenge for many. I do not mean to imply that it is easy. A simple enough idea, and really the subtlest shift, yes, but often times, depending on our upbringing, genetics, environment, and so forth, we get fixated in a multitude of ways that differ for each person. So pretty much everyone who wants to truly be free requires an extended period of some kind of effective therapy to clear the conditioning from the body-mind complex.

This means finding a holistic therapy, (of which there are many,) and sticking with it long enough to see results. And what are the signs of effective results? Basically, a sense of peace, that one can remain in a contemplative state, without forcing stillness, even while doing things. Concentration exercises, including mantras, can be effective for a time to help the mind stay one pointed, but at a certain point one needs to release from that focused attention to a more all inclusive awareness without limits. If there are unresolved childhood issues in the body-mind, one’s attention will be brought back time and again to those until they are resolved. And “talking school” therapies will not be sufficient. Yes, maybe talking about issues with a therapist will help clear them for a time, but generally they will return if they are not cleared from the emotional and physical levels as well.

But this therapy process too, need not degenerate into an obsessive self-analysis with no end, as the moment will come when you have freed enough of your energy and attention, a critical mass, so to speak, that you will simply be able to transcend yourself, and your limited point of view. You will begin to recognize your true Self as Being Itself, rather than the limited ego-self.

if you can’t control your mind, it will be controlled for you, but you may not like it. Better to dissolve it than control it. Use it when it is needed, otherwise let it dissolve in the radiance of the heart.

The helmet

So we could call the neo-cortex “the helmet”. It’s really kind of like that. It gives you a kind of sense of security that you know what’s going to happen, etc. You know, the passing of time, birth and death, all that. We all have to die, they say, that’s just the way it is. Never even wondering or questioning that idea, even when we are deeply religious or philosophical in nature. Well, it may be true, but that doesn’t mean it is. If we are going to practice inquiry, if we are really going to question everything, certainly that should include EVERYTHING.

But we could even see the neo-cortex as a virtual reality headset, which has the unique quality of being able to receive, but also transmit an entire “reality”. Perhaps we can actually reverse the process of the brain to create the reality we choose to see manifest. We could use the computer analogy, where the mid-brain is the central processor, and the neo-cortex is the graphics/audio processor.

So what happens when we drop into the mid-brain? Well, this is where things start to get miraculous. Once again, this is my experience, which is all i can relate to you. You will have to try it yourself to see what happens for you. Maybe it will be similar, maybe not. Or maybe nothing at all will happen.

But certainly we can start on the way towards the miraculous by remembering to notice what an amazing miracle it is simply to be alive in this luminous place, planet Earth. We are alive in a realm of intricate interdependence, the natural realm of Gaia, that reveals itself the moment we clear our vision and simply SEE.

The doorway to Infinity


So, Dr. Pillai also has said, because he looks at it from the yogi’s point of view as well, that when you relax attention into the midbrain, you are released to Infinity. Imagine that! At first that sounds like a great idea, but to the ego it is terrifying.

“Imagine the midbrain as a column of light and keep on putting your attention there. This is a technique of the Siddhas and also a technique of Swami Ramalingam.” – Dr. Pillai

“When practitioners of the Tao reach liberation and attain reality, there is a body outside the body, beyond heaven and earth.” Cleary commentary on the I Ching

And, again from my own experience, the body is not all that crazy about being released to Infinity either. After all, the body is finite, as we know it up until now. So we have to be kind, patient, and understanding with our bodies, and understand that it will take some time for the body to get used to being associated with infinity. It will have to go through some profound changes to accommodate this transformation. Some people refer to these changes as “ascension symptoms”.

But this is the cutting edge of what some of us are working with now. For full body enlightenment to happen, the body of course needs to be included. And here again, the caterpillar to butterfly metaphor is very appropriate.


The heart of the brain, and the brain of the heart

In a certain unpredictable moment, under the right circumstances, upon the resolution of the tension of attention, a channel reconnects between the mid-brain and the heart, and that the ajna centre, the pineal, activates as well. And what appears, out of the mist, so to speak, but has been there all along, is the Eternal Circuit, the evolutionary vehicle for interdimensional awareness. And when this circuit connects, we begin to go into Overunity.

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” – Jesus

I see many people trying to make some reconciliation between the head and the heart, as if somehow they have to choose one or the other. This is how the dualistic mind thinks. It sets up conflicts that have to be resolved. These people have obviously not reconnected their head/heart circuit, otherwise they would see, that the head and heart function together, as one unit. And, in fact, choosing one over the other is never going to work. It is all made to function as a whole.


I have gone into this in another article, this “tiny space” in the heart, the sino-atrial node, which is the point in the physical heart where the heartbeat originates. Some refer to it as the sacred heart. In the teachings of a few masters, including Ramana Maharishi, and Adi Da Samraj, (who really developed this theme considerably in his teaching) this point in the heart, which is a little to the right of the breastbone, where the heartbeat originates as a tiny electrical impulse, is where Consciousness enters the body-mind, but because there is a knot there, consciousness is limited, and reduced to a stream of awareness, which is attention. (see my article: Attention is A Tension)

Perhaps we could consider the mid-brain the heart of the brain, and this “tiny place” (which is actually the portal to Transcendental Infinite Radiance), called Hridaya in Sanskrit, as the brain of the heart.

from Sri Ramana Maharishi:

M. Yes, the Heart is the center of the Real. But
the ego is impermanent. Like everything else it is
supported by the heart-center. But the character of the
ego is a link between spirit and matter; it is a knot,
granthi, the knot of radical ignorance in which one is
steeped. This granthi is there in the ‘Hrit’, the Heart.
When this knot is cut asunder by proper means you
find that this is the Self’s center.

D. You said there is a passage from this center to

M. Yes. It is closed in the man in bondage; in
the man in whom the ego-knot the hridaya granthi, is
cut asunder, a force-current called amrita nadi rises
and goes up to the sahasrara, the crown of the head.
D. Is this the sushumna ?

M. No. This is the passage -of liberation, moksha.
This is called atma nadi, brahma nadi or amrita nadi.
This is the nadi that is referred to in the Upanishads.

When this passage is open, you have no moha, no
ignorance. You know the Truth even when you talk,
think or do anything, dealing with men and things.

Notice the questioner asks Ramana if this is the “sushumna”. The Sushumna is the central energy channel or Nadi that travels the full length of the middle of the spinal cord. In the yogic teachings, this is the channel of the kundalini.

But also notice, Ramana says no.

Adi Da’s teaching goes into this subject of the Amrita Nadi in much more detail, especially in his groundbreaking book from the 70s called “The Enlightenment of the Whole Body”. He refers to the amrita nadi as “Hridaya-shakti”, as opposed to Kundalini shakti.

This picture illustrates the difference:


“Your disposition should be in the direction of Samadhi, not indulging in the body. 
Why would you want to persist in being identified with something that dies? 
Especially knowing the option and knowing that it’s not necessary, and that it can be transcended. So even though you functioned in the body from that point, you would transform your life altogether, unwilling to be merely mortal and afraid, unwilling to be committed to un-Happiness, non-Happiness.
It’s not a matter of leaving the body. 
It’s a matter of transcending the body, reorienting the body-mind altogether. 
The Native State is to be Perfectly Radiant and not afraid. You know? Even getting a taste of it, why would you choose otherwise? But there is a lot of propaganda in the world that would tell you to do otherwise, so you have to exercise your discrimination and really consider these matters.
Then when you get “be-merely-the-productive-social-personality” signals and nothing else, you’ll have the strength to transcend it and the humor also to relate to it. And you’ll change your own life, so you’re not merely a social personality, by living profoundly.”
Avatar Adi Da Samraj


from Can You Be Content So Trapped and Confined? (click here)

(thanks to Spiralled Light)

this video of him, from the 80s, is a good example of his teaching on the subject:


The knot of radical ignorance

Notice that Ramana refers to the knot at the heart as the “knot of radical ignorance”. So this is the root (from radix: root) of ignorance, which is our constant unconscious habit of ignoring what IS.

(It is said as well, that to cut this knot requires the grace of the guru. Notice, Ramana Maharshi says “by proper means”. You can take that to mean what you will, but my feeling is that the function of the guru is completely misunderstood these days. The ego sees the guru in the way it would see a politician or ruler, but it doesn’t see the invisible transmission that happens. One glance from the guru towards a student who is ripe, can complete the entire process in an instant. So the question becomes one of ripening oneself, because when one is truly ripe, the guru will appear in whatever form he/she sees necessary to complete the process for you.)

So attention, divorced from its already forgotten sense of Pure Being by this knot of ego, informs the five senses with a sense of limited “I”, the “doer”, the ego. And what i am noticing is that attention is forced up into the neo-cortex, and simply gets stuck there, fixated, and bound. This fixation, or bondage, is done in so many ways, but the money system is one of the big ones. We get SO fixated on getting money, that it really binds our attention there. Because the process of getting money is VERY dualistic. I have to do this and that in order to get money, and when i have money i have to avoid this and that in order to not lose the money. In the money game, your attention is required. Notice the language, too. “Pay” attention.


This is karma, cause and effect. I have to make this cause (a job, for example) in order to get that effect (money). And we need to have the “helmet” on, the virtual reality duality helmet of the neo-cortex, in order to accomplish this. Because the money is “out there”, we have to enter into the game, and we get stuck, through our attention, in the Maya. The financial system as it is now is set up in such a way that we project our Eternal and unlimited Value, our birthright, onto worthless pieces of paper, which are really nothing but empty promises to pay. In fact these debt notes that we exchange with each other are not only worth nothing, but also they are lies, because the promise to pay is impossible. There is nothing of value behind them, In fact they are designed to rob value from us.

Politics is another way we get sucked into the helmet. And sports. And sex. We are so used to being fixated in that part of the brain that it feels normal to us. TV, and all our other “smart” devices, play a very important role in keeping our attention in the duality brain.

“The truth is, with reason, you can find that you can operate at the speed of light and beyond if you activate your electrical system into an over-harmony or over-unity of activity through the mind.” Aug Tellez


Binary to Trinary

In the work of the brilliant Harald Kautz-Vella, he talks about the difference between binary beings, and trinary beings. We can explain that like this: Computers use binary language, right? Ones and zeros. Entire worlds are created by just ones and zeros. But, they are synthetic. They are “virtual”, they are not “real”. So the neo-cortex is very much like that. Binary. left and right, republican/democrat, coke/pepsi, america/russia, ford/chevy, christianity/islam. We love being stuck there, but actually we hate it too. love/hate. Without the heart it’s a synthetic world.

So to become a trinary being means to make the drop into the heart. Yes, we’ve all heard about that, and we tend to put some kind of metaphorical significance to it, as it sounds like a good idea, but how do we actually “DO “ it?

When attention releases out of the “helmet” and relaxes into the midbrain, the circuit to the heart reconnects, and we are released to infinity. Then we are a trinary being. The two sides of the neo cortex, AND then as well, the midbrain/heart/ajna, all of which are one, singular, non dual.

in the words of Harald Kautz-Vella:

“…..we discovered that it is the snakes that create what we perceive as the MATRIX. The kundalini snake occupies the third eye, filters out things we are not supposed to see or realize (cognitive dissonance) and adds illusion (magic). This is how they create the fake reality we know as the MATRIX. Once the snake is out, the mental focus of our consciousness drops back into the brain stem and the third eye connects directly with the heart. It is such a beautiful feeling, finally to see the truth with the heart instead of the mind – simply divine 😉 Also, the blockage of the tailbone is completely released and the vertebra are mobilized down to the first spinal disk. Painful for the first couple of weeks but relieving.”

Here again, we have the issue of the kundalini. There is a growing number of people these days starting to question the whole system of chakras and kundalini, and that just like with virtually everything else, here as well, things are not what we have been told, and that crucial information and teachings have been withheld. Or perhaps, at this stage in our evolution into higher densities, they are simply no longer needed.

So just to be clear, this “Overunity Circuit” is NOT the kundalini and chakra system, which may very well just be part the mechanism that has kept us trapped in the wheel of karma and reincarnation, stuck in a repeating timeloop, lifetime after lifetime, where true liberation never happens.

Maybe now is time to begin being guided by the future, rather than the past.


The Microbiome: the brain of the gut

And then as well, as it turns out, the “gut” or hara, has a brain as well. This interview with the fascinating New Zealander, Tom Brown, explores what he calls the “microbiome”, the brain of the gut, which is the instinct. We also call this area of the body the sacral, which is where the word “sacred” comes from. This is something i am just beginning to “innerstand”, but it seems to me, as our infinite Being re-enters the body, all three of these “brains”, or centers, will come “online”, or activate. And, once again, these have nothing to do with the chakras. The whole issue of the chakras is another topic in itself, worth exploring in another article. But for now, check this interview out, very interesting stuff:

The Crystal Palace

So when the third eye, the pineal, the pituitary, and the midbrain come online, the dualistic bind resolves. We know that the optic nerves actually cross to opposite sides of the brain, and the midbrain area, called the “Crystal Palace” by the Taoists, is at the crossing. When it activates is when we can be said to have actual, true vision. We begin to see, not only the 3D version, but also “behind the curtain” to the forces behind all of this.

from the Qigong Daoist master Mantak Chia:

“In Daoist practices, the region of the brain bounded by the pineal, the pituitary, and hypothalamus glands is called the Crystal Palace. The Crystal Palace sits between the left and right hemispheres of the brain and between the forebrain of reason and the hind brain of instinct. Many meditation practices mention the Crystal Palace, but some people have difficulty sensing it because these structures are inside the skull and cannot be touched directly.
However, with a little practice, it is simple to connect with and activate these spiritual glands through our awareness and intention. The location of the pineal gland is often described as the center of the head—it is at the level of the eyebrows, above and behind the pituitary and hypothalamus. Behind the eyes, the optic nerves cross at the optic chiasm. Below the optic chiasm is the pituitary gland, which sits in the sella turcica of the sphenoid. Above and behind the optic chiasm is the hypothalamus. “ Mantak Chia



The Light Is On


Lately i have been contemplating the light bulb as an analogy. I mean, humans created it, right? To me, it looks like we have kind of unconsciously made it in our own image. Or, maybe consciously, as perhaps the idea was originally Tesla’s, and he was no doubt an illuminated being, in the real sense of the word. My guess is that Tesla had the Overunity circuit connected within him. How else could he have come up with all that amazing technology?

But let’s look at it a bit. In a light bulb, the electricity comes in, passes through a filament and then passes out. And the glass bulb is sealed, so there’s a vacuum inside. And, if the bulb breaks, and there is no more vacuum, then the filament instantly overheats and burns out.

For me, this head/heart circuit asserts itself very much like this, (although to describe it with words always fall short): Consciousness (the life current) enters the body through the heartbeat, at the sinoatrial node, passes along the “nerve of bliss” or amrita nadi, and then releases through the ajna and crown, and returns to Infinity. When it hits the body it becomes bliss. The “nerve of bliss” mentioned above by Ramana, IS the filament, and it glows. If we allow it, that glow expands to infinity and obliterates all separate sense of self. It is omni-directional, and self-regenerating to overunity. There are no directions in Infinity. Not unlike AC current, which also was invented by (you guessed it) Nikola Tesla, which constantly alternates direction.

This requires practice, this allowing. Because along with the expanding radiance comes a very strong pressure, almost like a sound. For the nervous system and the body to conduct this pressure it needs to slowly adapt to a completely different way of being.

I am in no way suggesting that this is an easy process to embody. Yes, the idea is simple, but the ramifications get more profound as one advances along this narrow track, and obstacles one could never have even imagined present themselves. But my feeling is that most of those obstacles come from the programming, the conditioned “operating system” that was installed in us, and we can trust this current to clear all obstruction if we can just allow it. Much like the cleaning of the Aegean Stables by Hercules. He diverted a river (a current) through them.

But, it is an ordeal. it is not for the faint of heart, as it will test you to your core. And, much like the maras who bothered Buddha under the Bodhi Tree, we will be attacked and tested severely by the powers behind the veil whose purpose is to preserve ignorance and limitation, and enslave humanity.

The vacuum


OK, so what is the vacuum in the light bulb analogy? Because that vacuum is a key component. Without it, the filament will not glow, it will burn out. My take on it, is that that vacuum is the hermetically sealed vessel of alchemy itself. And what is it in a practical sense? It is when the mind is completely at rest, in stillness, without a single thought arising, and turned within, not projecting or reacting to the apparent “outside world”. And when a thought does arise, it is instantly burned, outshone, and the mind releases back to complete stillness.

So perhaps we could say that the vacuum is what happens when we remain “at zero point”, which could just be another way of describing the Infinite “tiny space” of Hridaya.

Existence is resistance

In Kaballah, they say that “the Satan”, or the Opponent, hides within us in the form of our own reactivity. And, it is widely acknowledged that one of the chief features of ego is reactivity. (Saturn/Moon, Capricorn/Cancer) And they go on to say, that when we RESIST our own reactivity, we attract more light. If we go back to the light bulb analogy, the filament lights up because of a certain amount of resistance that happens. The electricity cannot simply pass through it, like a normal wire. The resistance causes the filament to heat up and create light.

So how do we resist our reactivity? By becoming more and more aware. Wait before you react. Allow the attention to drop out of the dualistic mind that constantly wants to create some kind of opponent or problem, and simply rest in yourself, at peace. Let the mind go still. Seal the vessel. Create the vacuum, and the resistance will bring more light to you. Yes, you will find a way to effectively respond, that’s the next step, but first resist the temptation to react blindly, in a knee-jerk kind of way. This is response-ability. And notice that reSPONd and SPONtaneous are related. Reaction is mechanical. Response is spontaneous.

In the Vedic traditions the term “tapas” refers to the transformational heat that one goes through in this purification process, which gradually “cooks” one’s karma and releases one from suffering.

This is the real “resistance”, the real re-evolution. Let’s not underestimate the power we have to change the world by first submitting ourselves to this transformation. This is the true meaning of “sacrifice”, which means to make sacred. All forms of outer ritual sacrifice are a grotesque distortion of this essential principle. When the Buddha said “be a light unto yourself”, this is what he meant.


Direct nourishment


I have also noticed that when the midbrain is activated, and the current is running through the Eternal Circuit, the breathing almost stops, and it is as if energy is coming directly from Source, rather than having to translate through Sun, nature, plants, eating, breathing air, etc. For now it feels like only a glimpse into our true potential as eternal beings. But could it be that this is the fountain of eternal youth, and perhaps even the Holy Grail? hidden in plain sight, right in our own body electric?

The well of Being at the Infinite Heart is the source of well-being. This is so obvious, but the ego wants to make a project out of it.

However, until we awaken to our true nature, nothing we “do” is going to help. But after we awaken, EVERYTHING we do is going to help, even things as simple as cleaning the floor, or loving your dog.

Just the beginning

This article has taken me forever to write. Every day more dots are connecting, and then i want to explore their ramifications, so the time passes without completing it. That’s why it is so long as well. My apologies to those of short attention span, i can’t help it, apparently. 🙂 And it’s really fairly uncharted territory, so i am sure there are some flaws in my current understanding. But also, we’re improvising and improving. We are part of Creation. We are making this up as we go along. How things will turn out has everything to do with each one of us.

There is so much more to discover about all of this. I do not set myself up as any kind of expert on this, merely an experimenter and explorer, sharing some of my observations. If they serve you, very good. If not, no problem. I still have to eat food, and breathe. This is more an intuition of the miraculous possibilities we have, but have forgotten. For me, this is a work in progress, i am sure there will be much more to add to this, the growth is never ending, once the seed sprouts. It takes many years and many challenges for a sprout to turn into a huge tree.


There are some caveats to this as well. For one thing, once this current is fully activated, you cannot turn it off, it cannot be forgotten. And it will have its way with you, no doubt about it. Yes, it is blissful, but my feeling is that bliss is misunderstood in the New Age circles, as something that just makes you feel good all the time, like a kind of ultimate comfort zone. For me, a better analogy is one of electricity, or fire. Yes it can create light and warmth, but it can also burn, and shock. At times it can be unbearable, and can upset your entire world. It will not tolerate falseness of any kind, and it is relentless. So it is wise to consider carefully, because there is no turning back from this path. It will force you to change everything about your life that is not in alignment, sooner or later.

“The Way is a one-way street. Meaning that whoever begins to walk it is forbidden to turn back. This is not because of some kind of external imperative, but due to the fact that each step forward on the Way irrevocably modifies the content of whoever has started walking it. It follows that he will become more and more of a stranger to his surroundings; that he will lose more and more interest in exterior life, in which only yesterday he participated fully. The appearance of things, and especially of beings, undergoes a deep change in his eyes. He will one day be surprised to constate that certain faces which only yesterday he found very beautiful now reveal to him marks of bestiality behind their features: not all, but many of them!

The more man progresses on the Way, the more his feeling of being a stranger is intensified. Soon he will become boring: later still he will become unbearable, and finally, odious. That is why ‘the prophet is despised in his country, among his close relations and in his own house.‘ That indication is precise and leaves no room for doubt. He who wants to start esoteric studies is invited to think it over twice, and weigh it all, before he rushes to cross the moat-threshold.

We repeat that it will not be possible for him to return to exterior life and to find his place, his pleasures and his satisfaction there as in the past. However, as well as the difficulties which are the first results of his evolution, such a man will receive comforting impressions, especially in his human relations. He will be surprised to perceive one day that certain faces which only yesterday appeared to him ordinary, today shine in his eyes with a bright beauty. It is because his sight, sharpened by esoteric work, has acquired the faculty of penetrating beyond the external crust. It is amongst these brighter beings that he will find his new friends. Their society will welcome him as one of their own. He will be understood among them, and their community of common aims and interests will be a stimulus and a help for all.“

~ Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis

“Thus when Heaven is about to entrust a man with great work, it first causes distress to his mind, belabors his muscles and frame, starves his body, subjects him to want, and frustrates what he sets out to do. This is to stimulate his ambition, strengthen his character, and increase his capacity for doing what he could not do before.”
~ Mencius

Think about it for a moment: is there any alternative to complete liberation? Sooner or later, we are going to have to come to terms with it. It might as well be now, since it is always only ever now anyway. When all our seeking is exhausted, the Life Current will still be here waiting for us, eternally patient. And to allow this radical transformation to fully come into the body is going to have a much more powerful effect on the world around us than any “thing” we could “do” from our incompleteness. An unsprouted seed can never bear flowers or fruit.

The return to the natural state is the most imperceptible movement. It is a simple matter of relaxing. It is not “out there”, it is right where you are. In spiritual awakening we cross a threshold, into a new way of being. Living AS the Radiant Transcendental Being, with no intermediaries, earthly or otherwise, is our natural state. Awakening is when we remember that, to never forget it again. The Life Current asserts itself so powerfully and continually, that you just cannot forget it. Because it IS you.

But then, as we are reborn into this new way of life, a whole new set of challenges begins. How to be in a world that is still stuck in the old way? There are so many things we just can no longer believe in, or do. This can be such a challenge, that most people prefer to just stay as they are, unsprouted seeds, never to bear fruit, but simply to be harvested and recycled.

But we who awaken then find ourselves in a whole different kind of growth curve, learning to develop and use our unique siddhis, or powers. And a new law starts to take effect in our lives, one that is based in the eternal now, that functions more in the miraculous dimension. This is a process that has no end.



Let your heart be at peace.
Watch the turmoil of beings,
but contemplate their return.

Each separate being in the universe
returns to the common source.
Returning to the source is serenity.

If you don’t realize the source,
you stumble in confusion and sorrow.
When you realize where you come from,
you naturally become tolerant,
disinterested, amused,
kindhearted as a grandmother,
dignified as a king.”

Lao Tzu


©2017 Kit Walker

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