Resolving the Cancer/ Capricorn polarity : the art of the hearth is to hear the earth

I’d like to propose a slightly expanded, and perhaps more radical way of looking at and working with astrology. We could call it “non-dual astrology”. The premise is, that in order to manifest the highest form of any particular configuration, including your birth chart, or the chart of the planets as they are in any particular “now”, it is important to occupy the chart at the center point, which means beyond duality. So if there is a planet in a particular sign, one always has to take into consideration the opposite sign as well, whether there is a planet there or not. Imagine the infinity symbol overlaid on each polarity.

Cancer is ruled by the moon, Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. So we have the soft sensitivity of the moon on inside, and the protective shell of Saturn on the outside.  The moon also represents women and the mother, and Saturn represents the father and corporate patriarchal kind of male. Like all astrological symbols, each has an entire spectrum of qualities.

What I’ve been noticing about this polarity lately is what happens with the public (Cancer, Moon), and the state, and “authorities”. (Capricorn, Saturn).

Bear in mind that, unless you can embody BOTH ends of a polarity, you will find a tendency for the more negative aspects of the signs at each end to come forth. So in this case, a public that is easily led by creature comforts, like cattle, (Cancer rules the stomach….think about it, cows have THREE stomachs !) is faced off against (opposite) a rigid control structure (Capricorn). Old McDonald had a farm.

Why is the public so easily led? because most people are not in the non-dual understanding. They cannot conceive of taking their own authority and responsibility (Capricorn) for their security (Cancer). Nor can those in positions of supposed authority imagine being strong (Capricorn) and sensitive (Cancer) at the same time. Somehow they have lost ability to empathize. They are not operating from the center, but rather stuck at the Capricorn end. The idea that corporate power has anything to do with true male energy is completely erroneous. The Saturnian idea of male ego power through domination is an anachronistic concept that has been held in place way too long.

Cancer is the family, the familiar, the home, the hearth. But consider how the family and the state interact. From the moment a child is born into a family, from the mother (Cancer), the child is signed up as property of the state (Saturn) through the birth certificate, and entered into the corporate process (Capricorn). All of us received, without our knowledge, a strawman corporate identity, (the name in all capital letters) which corresponds directly with the formation on the inside, of our ego structure. It is a CONTRACT, a contraction. It is unconscious, we live it out without an awareness of it. Capricorn and Saturn rule contraction in all its forms.

In case you still aren’t familiar with what the straw man is, this is a great little 5 minute introduction to the subject:

As long as the family complies with the social contract then the state is happy, because their investment is well protected. Because, as little unconscious corporate entities, we are really just cattle, complete with brands and ear tags, the property of the controllers. But the state does not like it when the cattle start to think for themselves. This makes it much more difficult to herd them. When we wake up to the Infinity that we truly are, all these corporate structures are revealed for the deception that they are. They are all contracts with implied consent. In other words, they assume it is binding, because you haven’t said no, even though the terms were never disclosed.

Let’s consider the Moon for a moment, and her two primary relationships. The moon is one of the female planets, (along with Venus) and of course, is the counterpart, or consort, of the Sun. She is silver, he is gold. They rule adjacent signs and houses: Cancer and Leo, 4th and 5th houses. They are neighbors, meant to be together. Every month the moon goes through her cycle with the Sun.

This relationship between the moon and the sun is part of the alchemical process. The Sun is the gold, the philosopher’s stone. The Moon is the personal essence, the aspect of Being that can be personal, connected, empathic, caring, and which makes it possible to look at the light of the Sun. It brings the light into a form that we can use in the mundane sense. It is the light shining through the face of the enlightened ones. It is the hearth of the heart, where a fractal of the Infinite transcendental Sun fire is kept alive within each of us.
But alchemy is about the transformation of lead into gold. Saturn is lead. The Moon has a very different relationship with Saturn. They rule the opposite signs of Cancer and Capricorn. They are the parents, the husband and wife, the protector and nurturer, but also enforcers of the familiar.

Now, familiarity seems like a good thing at first glance, but notice what happens. When something is familiar to you, you think you know it. So then the temptation arises to forget to be present, and instead to take things for granted. Isn’t that how families work so much of the time?

Even in a very basic example, if you know that this is a “tree”, you don’t have to really become present (which can be unbearable, truly), and really SEE what a miraculous occurrence a tree is. Everything has a label, we know what it’s called, so we miss what it really IS, in its pure radiant existence, beyond any labels.

But this is the desired effect of the controllers (Saturn). If they can keep you totally preoccupied with the familiar, then they are free to use your energy for whatever purposes they need, without you ever even noticing. But if you are not willing to even look at how that really happens, then you and the controllers are a match made in heaven. (well, maybe it’s actually made in hell.)

They can just throw up some sports on the TV, and you’ll be all screaming and shouting for your favorite team, and meanwhile, behind your back, they will be selling your grandchildren down the river for some pieces of plastic. They can manufacture whatever drama on the TV, tell you it’s real, and you’ll just buy it, eat it up, like a cow grazing in the PASTure.

Saturn and the Moon, have another connection, too, besides the fact that they rule the Capricorn/Cancer polarity. Saturn has a 28 year cycle through the signs, and the moon has a 28 day cycle. The Moon rules our emotional body, which receives conditioning from an early age, and Saturn is the source of the conditioning, i.e. the societal structures, school, career, business, the past, the ancestors, and so forth. David Icke has written and talked about the “Saturn-Moon Matrix”, which is an interesting hypothesis that is somewhat borne out by astrology. Personally, i am very suspect of a lot of the energies we are bombarded with, that come up in our behaviors. I am not convinced that humans are like this innately. I am suspicious of this relationship of Saturn and the Moon, there is an ongoing distortion there that we need to be aware of. The moon moves around the earth, almost like a satellite dish, a broadcasting device. It definitely amplifies the energies of whatever planet it contacts for the few hours that a lunar transit is in effect. You can experience this for yourself, by watching the positions of the planets every day with an ephemeris.

Saturn is the outermost of the personal planets. You could think of the orbit of Saturn as the city walls, for example, past which we dare not go, as it is scary and unknown out there. The city wall (ego) is there to protect us, but then it becomes our prison. Our “person” is our prison. The way the prison is enforced is through the Saturnian realm of time and money. We will not make it to freedom (Uranus) until we can decode Saturn’s program and tell him, like Jesus told Satan (Saturn) : “get thee behind me !”. When Saturn is behind us, we are beyond the city walls. But this takes great courage. It takes walking out on your own two feet. There are no guarantees out there beyond the castle walls, anything can happen. The outer planets past Saturn are forces beyond our control (Saturn).  But there is where we discover our freedom (Uranus), bliss (Neptune), and power (Pluto).

So that is the theme for this month. Since Mars is in Cancer as well, the hysterical part of Cancer may well be activated. The fiery Mars is out of his element here, quite literally. Cancer is the womb, “hyster”, from Greek “hustera”, meaning womb . As the Sun and Mars move into opposition to Pluto and square Uranus, the public hysteria (Cancer) may build quite intensely.

Also of particular note is that the USA is a Cancer nation, born on the 4th of July, and that Mars and the Sun will be crossing the natal Sun of the USA very closely together. Since Mars is the planet of aggression and war, i would not be surprised if some kind of explosive (Pluto) and aggressive (Mars) energy really peaks during this time, (the first week or two of July) especially in or related to the US, which seems to have the misguided idea that it is everyone’s parent.

For this energy, fortunately there is also an antidote, in the form of Neptune, which is retrograde in Pisces right now. As the Sun and Mars move through Cancer, they will be trine Neptune. The solution is to surrender (Neptune, Pisces) directly to Source, and to find the true power (Pluto) there/here. To realize that you, as the Source itself, can embody the creative power of the Divine, and can change things even at the atomic and subatomic level (Pluto), moment to moment. The surrender process dissolves the contracted state, transforms particles into waves, which are much more fluid, and changes possibilities, timelines, and possible futures. It is a process similar to lucid dreaming, available in pure presence beyond thought. It is direct participation in the process of creation. We have not even scratched the surface of our creative potential here. Any problems in the dream state are instantly dissolved upon awakening. No need to solve them, they have evaporated. We cannot solve the problems we have at this point with struggling and fighting. That is a set-up, to keep us trapped here. It’s simply time to wake up. Together.

Let’s look for a minute also, at the position of Saturn right now, in relation to the square of Uranus and Pluto. I have mentioned it before. Saturn is in a 45 degree semi-square to Pluto, and since both are retrograde and moving slowly, they will be like this for 2 or 3 months.
The waning 45 degree semi square is an 11th house, and Aquarian, kind of relationship. This is the moment when the group (Aquarius) transforms, as individuals within the group realize that they will be a much more effective and integral part of the group if they fully realize and express their unique expression and true power as an individual (Leo, the opposite sign), and share that in the context of the group. We will find that everyone’s life paths and gifts intersect and complement each other in miraculous and synchronistic ways. But in order for that to happen, we each have to stand up and be seen, in our radiance (Leo, Sun), above the status quo of group-think. Any group-think bandwagon you happen to be on will not help. Group-think doesn’t like it when anyone stands out and shines.

As the I Ching says in Hexagram 22, Grace: “He lends grace to his toes, leaves the carriage and walks.” (The feet here are regarded as more substantive than the carriage, suggesting that one must rely on one’s own inner worth rather than a “vehicle” of ostentatious superficiality. Suggested is the need to abandon a crutch of some kind. )

The group can be a crutch, reinforcing incomplete views, and wasting your time. It is time to know for yourself. Then you can approach the group in a whole new way.

But this is going to be gradually pressed out of us, like juice from fruit in a juice press, with the immense pressure of the tightening restrictions and controls (Saturn), both physical and non-physical, being inflicted on humans all over the planet. It will be dawning on us that we really have to step up to the plate and offer our gifts and cooperate, together, because we are all carrying solutions, or we all will go down with the ship. But as we begin that process we will notice more and more fellow explorers, and creative system hackers, until we realize we have reached critical mass. Things could very quickly accelerate in a positive direction. We have some very powerful aspects coming later in the year that show increased joy of cooperation and a large movement towards practical correction. We are, after all, in Sophia’s Correction now, according to the Gnostic scholar John Lash. This is the moment when the planet begins correcting the primal mistake of the illusion of separation, and she needs our participation. It can’t and won’t happen without our conscious participation.

The other aspect which i have mentioned before, but which is much stronger now, is the direct conjunction of Venus with Jupiter in Leo, and both are trine Uranus in Aries now. The Venus Jupiter conjunction signifies abundance, and the Uranus trine can make it spontaneous and unexpected. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with the financial system, we hear rumors of good things. Some of these may start to come to pass, as soon as Saturn’s vice-grip on humanity begins to loosen.

This aspect is very positive for people connecting in an awakened and loving creative spirit and working together. Really, the only antidote for all the destruction is creation. Creative energy in whatever form is the best way to move forward. And with the Sun and Mars trine Neptune right now, music and dancing are very helpful. Whenever you feel angry, dance it out, sing, play music, create art, integrate the energy, surrender, and then allow any action that arises from that space beyond reactivity. And with Jupiter involved, we mustn’t forget the tremendous transformative power of our most human of qualities, our sense of humor.

Responsibility is the ability to respond in a conscious way, not just out of reactivity, which is the way of ego. When both ends of the Capricorn/Cancer polarity are embodied, we have true response-ability (Capricorn) based on a deep sensitivity (Cancer) of the connectedness of everything and everyone. But when they are left separate in duality, Cancer is emotionally reactive and hysterical, and Capricorn is rigid, controlling, patriarchal and hierarchical.

The eternal being has no problem with being grounded and focused (Capricorn), and empathetic and sensitive (Cancer) at the same time. Sometimes the shield (Capricorn) is needed to protect the sensitivity (Cancer). These are all qualities that arise effortlessly when needed. This is just one small example of how to remain at the center of a polarity, embodying both without getting stuck at one end or the other in a polarized state.

Fighting against the matrix will exhaust you. Once you overcome one obstacle, they will throw another one up in front of you. There is no winning at their game, if you want to keep your soul intact. Yes, they make a law protecting whatever, but then the next round of politicians comes online, and they repeal the law, and all the work to get that law instated was wasted. Don’t make the mistake of asking some imagined “authority” for permission to have what is already yours (i.e., your inalienable “rights”) .

If you are exhausted, you are not a threat, because you are too preoccupied with the familiar. Your schedule has to be packed with things to do. Work, family, and “entertainment” (i.e. distraction). It’s an old trick. Don’t take the bait. Turn left, take a new direction, YOUR OWN. Be still and know. Invent yourself anew. Take responsibility (Saturn) for yourself. Don’t wait for Mommy (Cancer) and Daddy (Capricorn) to approve. Don’t wait for some politician who doesn’t care about you to fix everything. It’s never going to happen.

I guarantee you, there is something right in your immediate environment that needs fixing, that needs YOU and your talents, and you can get to work on it right away. We are needed EVERYWHERE now. Realize as you work on the local level, that there is a fractal going on. Everything is connected. Your small effort is like a seed that can grow into a tree. Go for it. The Butterfly Effect is in full swing.

The art of the hearth is to hear the earth. Sit quietly in your place, keep the fire alive, and receive direct instruction from the planetary mother, the earth.

from the Chandra Symbols, a book called “Inside Degrees” by Elias Lonsdale, which are similar to the Sabian Degree Symbols, but very different too. Here are the symbols for the degrees of the Sun, and the moon for this full moon:

A violent hail storm.
Great disruption serves long-term continuity. By submitting yourself periodically to excruciating soul ordeals, to severe tests and trials, you make sure that your destiny is self-renewing. You pull in, at these junctures, what is alien or strange or far removed from your own way of being; by suffering the imposition of the dark stranger, you completely shake up all smug structures. Much of your life is keyed into enduring under onslaught, being able to form yourself into one who can encompass absolutely anything. The path indicated is neither chaotic nor random. It is sharply pointed to take on experiences and lessons that are needed and to fully transmute the karmic sequences. You have a core commitment to tackling the hard stuff with a fury of intent that is just enough to make the whole thing work, revealing that you can do the impossible if your will is singular and your inner strength to go the distance is as solid and real as any obstacle, and even more so.

A man drinking blood from the vein in a horse’s leg.
Being driven to tap whatever source promises inward sustenance, you are wildly propelled to journey anywhere, do anything, go to any lengths to come upon something vital here in the world. Tending to feel desperate, abandoned, forsaken. Unable to find what you crave in any of the usual places. Instead, magnetized to the wild and the free and whatever has yet to become tainted by civilization. Drawn far back to gain propulsion to go forward with conviction and power, and with deep embodied presence that cannot be taken away from itself by any passing wind.


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