Gemini new moon | the sword of words

 Gemini new moon 2015

It’s the new moon, in Gemini, today. The Sun, Moon and Mars are all conjunct in Gemini, the sign of the infinite mirror. The Witness is like a mirror, reflecting what IS. And we are going to need the Witness now. Because Saturn has just sneaked back into Scorpio, and is hoping nobody noticed. But we do notice, don’t we?

In some way Saturn has some unfinished business, and it’s time for us to catch him with his pants down. He remains in 45 degree semi-square with Pluto, which is a very public, “no secrets” kind of relationship. The curtain has been pulled on the backroom deals. The power structure is the ego game, and it hasn’t got a leg to stand on. If it is not good for everyone, it is not good.

At the beginning of August the children of creation (you know who you are) are going to meet up with Saturn and turn him around, when Jupiter in Leo squares Saturn, just as he turns direct. But for now we have to keep our eye on him, because he’s going to be trying some of his old tricks, trying to vampire off of our fear. But he is going to see that he has no more customers.
It’s time for the court jester to roast him. Those with no sense of humor have lost their humanity.

With this Gemini new moon, keep your eyes (Gemini rules the eyes) open. The sword of truth is poised, ready to cut the lies. The sword of words (Mars in Gemini) is now fully functional. Use it wisely ! The Witness can now testify.

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