Saturn conjunct Pluto: 2020 Vision: the Great Awakening Gets Real

I. The Perfect Storm : 1.12.2020

On January 12, 2020 we have a massive astrological conjunction, all organized around the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, which were conjunct last in 1982. In other words, this is a major cycle. But, in addition, the coincidence in the conjunction of other planets on that day is quite remarkable. In this essay i would like to explore some of the possible ramifications of this conjunction, and how to get the most out of it , both individually and as a collective. Talk about a fateful day!

‘Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.’ — C.G. Jung

First of all, it is important to note that Saturn and Pluto are outer planets. Actually, Saturn is the boundary between the inner and outer planets, and Pluto is the outermost. The way i think of the outer planets, because they are so slow moving, is almost like the stage set in a theater play. I think of the inner planets as the actors in that play, performing their parts against the backdrop of the outer planets, and Saturn is kind of like the stage manager, or director. So this conjunction sets the stage for a whole new act in the play.

So many factors come together at once that it could be called a “perfect storm”. The Storm is upon us, indeed. Like a slow motion explosion, this storm will leave us in a very different landscape. It could even have meant an atomic explosion. Many feel that we have moved off of that nuclear annihilation timeline. A nuclear explosion, yes, but within the human psyche. A war? Yes, but it is a spiritual war. Could this be the “Event”? or the “compression (Saturn) /breakthrough (Pluto)”?

The Great Awakening began with the Square of Uranus in Aries (insight, truth warriors) to Pluto in Capricorn (the hidden control system) from 2009 through 2015. Many of us woke up to what has been going on behind the curtain for centuries, if not millennia. Now, as Saturn conjuncts Pluto it is time for the Great Awakening to get real. It is time to do something about it, to live it.

A Seed Moment

So this is the beginning (and end) of a long term cycle, and as such is a very important turning point for everyone. This next cycle will last until roughly 2054. So let’s navigate this moment with crystal clarity, as it will set the tone for a long time to come. This is a seed moment, right now, and each one of us plays a vital part in how it will turn out.

This conjunction takes place in Saturn’s sign as well, which is Capricorn. So there is a very strong Saturnian flavor to this conjunction.

Return of the King

Let’s cut to the chase: Is this going to be good? or bad? Well, short story: it’s up to you.

Several things are interesting to note about it, however.

First, This exact conjunction of Pluto and Saturn, in January 2020, occurs almost exactly simultaneously with the Sun in Capricorn, also conjunct both Saturn and Pluto. Only one day difference.

The chances of that happening are rare. To me, this signifies the possibility of a kind of “return of the king” moment, as in the end of the Odyssey, by Homer. The Sun is the King, and he arrives on the scene exactly as the meeting between Saturn and Pluto begins. Will he make sure that integrity is the foundation of the next cycle?

Ceres : the Harvest / Child Abduction

Second, Ceres is also, simultaneously, on the very same degree of Capricorn, so it is included in the conjunction.

Ceres is one of the asteroids, and traditionally Ceres is the goddess of the harvest, and really, the Earth mother goddess. So this is interesting to find her there in the middle of an otherwise completely male conjunction.

But the more we look into the mythological background of Ceres, the more interesting it becomes. Because in her story, she has a daughter called Persephone, who gets abducted by Pluto and taken into the underworld.

Considering the Saturnian and Plutonian energies of this conjunction to begin with, i am thinking the presence of Ceres in the exact same degree as Saturn and Pluto as being highly significant.

One of the main themes of this conjunction, which i will elaborate on later, is the pedophilia, satanic ritual abuse, kidnapping, child sex slavery issue that has become an epidemic in much of the world. As Capricorn is Saturn’s sign, and Saturn is the equivalent of Satan, this all hits pretty close to home.

And, we also notice, that the glyph for Ceres, looks very much like that of Saturn, but inverted.


Environmental Collapse

Then, when Ceres’ daughter Persephone was kidnapped, Ceres (Demeter) became so despondent that she, the great mother goddess of agriculture and the harvest, went “on strike” so to speak, and everything on earth stopped growing, crops failed, and there was nothing for everyone to eat. Sound familiar?

Another thing is, could this perhaps be a kind of “harvest” moment coming? When everyone will reap what they have sown?

The Ceres/Persephone drama is playing out here on Earth in so many ways. Could it be time for justice for the perpetrators, the perverted traitors to humanity who have been committing unspeakable atrocities on children? And could these crimes against children and against humanity be related in any way to the environmental collapse we are now enduring?

Also, Ceres (also known as Demeter) was the sister of Jupiter, or Zeus. Jupiter tried to revive her, but later we find that Jupiter had given Pluto, god of the underworld, permission to marry Persephone, without Ceres’ knowledge. After trying sending many different gods who had no luck retrieving her, Jupiter sent his son Mercury into the underworld, and he had partial success in freeing Persephone.

Oh, and did i mention that Ceres was Saturn’s daughter?

Saturn is Satan

As i’ve said before, Saturn is related to Satan. Really, pretty much one and the same, if we were to look at the lowest end of the Saturn spectrum. And Pluto is the planet that rules death. So Pluto in Capricorn is a pretty heavy load. And then add Saturn himself to the mix, in his home sign Capricorn, and we have a very intense energy to deal with.

Can you feel it these days? It’s strong, and relentless, and is taking a long time. There is a lot of crazy stuff going on. It’s pretty obvious by now that most of it is orchestrated by someone, somewhere.

Saturn is also the Goat. (think Baphomet, for example).

You mix that with the Lord of Death, Pluto, and the idea of Satan, the Opponent, and then you begin to see into what is going on “backstage”. This entire combination can add up to government that is Satanic. Pluto in Capricorn.

Sometimes Saturn is referred to as the Black Sun, or is represented too as a black cube. This is a whole huge topic in itself, worth investigating.

Now another thing to remember about Saturn, who is also referred to in Greek mythology as Kronos, is that Saturn eats his children, in particular, his sons. This painting is Ruben’s version of Saturn, or Cronus, eating his son. Apparently, Saturn ate his sons partly because he feared their power when grown men.

I know, that’s just a myth, right? It’s symbolic, i guess, like the way time (Saturn, Kronos) eats everything that he “creates” sooner or later, we all have to die, yadda yadda.

But with this Saturn/Pluto conjunction we are now having to face the very uncomfortable possibility that this is actually way more literal than we may have thought. We are beginning to find some very hard evidence that this very practice goes on in the halls of governments, in basements and in tunnels beneath our feet (Pluto/the Underworld), and has been for a very long time. And, that it is industrial in scale, an epidemic, and that human trafficking and organ harvesting is actually a huge worldwide business. This is the Taurus/Scorpio polarity at its worst: the marriage of money and death.

It’s called Satanic ritual abuse, and it is horrific. It is the kind of thing that, naturally, one just does not want to know about, and the knee jerk reaction would be simply to deny it, and pass it off as a crazy conspiracy theory.

the Apocalypse is the Unveiling

The problem is, more and more survivors are coming forward now, with horrific stories of their abuse, that was at the hands of many of the highest level people in government, politics, religion, the media, and entertainment. It is like a perfect storm coming together. The Apocalypse is upon us. And let’s remember, “apocalypse” means unveiling. Revelation, too. The truth is revealed. We get to see behind the curtain into the secret (Pluto) clubs of of the power structure “elite” (Capricorn), and it ain’t pretty.

This is a huge topic. I know, it’s strong. We don’t want to look. But i encourage you to do your own research. You will soon discover a whole movement of people doing exactly that, with the help of some very courageous whistleblowers. If you are still not seeing any of this, i urge you to WAKE UP. I am not going into a lot of detail about it because this article is going to take another direction. No point in being redundant when so many fine and courageous researchers are presenting excellent work about it online, amid very strong and increasing censorship.

So the vision for 2020 is 2020 vision. Like it or not, it is time to see, with crystal clear vision, the Truth.

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.”: St Paul Corinthians

Family Reunion

There’s more to the Ceres/Persephone story, but here’s what i find fascinating: ALL the characters in this drama are going to coincide exactly in mid January 2020. Even Mercury, who will be also only two degrees away from the conjunction, at 25 degrees Capricorn.

And then who passes through the exact same spot 2 1/2 months later, but Jupiter, along with Mars and the asteroid Pallas Athena, the daughter of Zeus/Jupiter. She is the goddess of warfare, wisdom, skill, and strategy, as well as Justice. And of course Mars is the god of war too.

So the first three months of 2020 are packed with symbolic energies. The whole family is getting together. Some very intense male energies, especially with Saturn and Pluto, which gives us the idea of entrenched power structures, based on fear, domination, and brutality.

However, the degree symbol in the Chandra symbols for this conjunction is a very positive one, and indicates that this can be a kind of resurrection and restoration of male energy to its higher potential.

An old priest using oil to anoint a carved stone lingam.

The masculine life-force brought to its highest expression. The wise, wakeful, fully present activation of the masculine aspect as something to be reckoned with. Formidable and directly impressive. Bearing such a pronounced potency of being that one can readily take charge of any situation. A karmically well prepared, magnificently endowed attainment. The ability to become like a God. Such intensive awareness of self that you know very well that you are standing in for God the Father as a pure vessel. Nonetheless, you are called to become the quintessential higher masculine as completely as possible to the deepest roots of your being, in order to make a difference and to bring the shared energy and attention to a focal point of the true central clarity and meaningful direction onward from here.

This degree symbol, plus the presence of the Sun (as in the Return of Ulysses) will lend a very positive male energy to the mix, especially if we can rise to the occasion and demonstrate these qualities in action in our own lives.

It is time to get straight.

Uranus in Taurus Stationary/Direct

One other part of the equation that is worth noting is that Uranus, which is now in early Taurus, and is retrograde as of this writing, turns direct the day before the conjunction. I find this also to be an auspicious sign, as one could consider Uranus in Taurus as the new (Uranus innovation, disruption and change) financial system (Taurus rules money).

Is it time for the global banking cartel to fail? We can “follow the money” involved in SO many of the world’s most dire problems, and we always come back to the transnational financiers, the banksters. Of course, whatever happens, it is bound to be a struggle, a face-off of some sort.

Even though this can be a much needed positive change, all of the factors involved could add up to something quite hellish too. That’s why i say, it depends on you. And me, and each one of us. We are going to have to stand up to the totalitarian tiptoe with our totality.

the Spectrum of Consciousness

As with all astrological configurations, there is a myriad of interpretations for any one aspect, sign, planet, or combination, and interpretations can vary considerably depending on one’s level of consciousness. In this case we will be looking a lot at the combination of Saturnian and Plutonic energies, and this combination has a huge spectrum of ways it can manifest.

The I Ching always distinguishes between the “superior man” and the “inferior man”. So, what does that mean? Are some people “better” than others? Well, i’d say this just refers to frequency or resonance. If we look at the work of Dr. David Hawkins, he has developed a way, with kinesiology, to calibrate the frequencies of states of consciousness on a scale from 1 to 1000. At the low end we have things like fear, guilt, envy, anger, and so forth, and the top end goes up through love, to bliss, to enlightenment, with 1000 calibrating to Christ Consciousness.

levels of consciousness: Dr. David Hawkins

My contention is that an aspect like Saturn and Pluto conjunct, or any other aspect between planets, will have a completely different quality for someone at the high end of the spectrum, than at the low end. This idea that an astrological aspect means one thing and one thing only is preposterous. Are we at cause or at effect? Those at cause will tend toward the high end, realizing that their state of consciousness has everything to do with the quality of their world. So, obviously, the more of us we can get at the high end of the spectrum, the better the “real-world” manifestation will be.

The Toxic Masculine

At the bottom of the consciousness spectrum I would say the Saturn/Pluto combination manifests as totalitarian control. This degenerates into cruel torture, brutality, slavery, and benefiting and profiting from the suffering and deaths of others. And with the Ceres story mixed in, abduction and rape can be part of the mix, or at least the exposure of it. Also the Saturn/Pluto combination can bring things like fascism, dictatorships of all sorts, controlled by brutal psychopaths.

Is that the future we choose? We do have a choice, you know…My own feeling is, we have had way more than enough of the toxic masculine, and that this is the moment for men of integrity (Saturn) to step forward.

The Actual Man

At the top of the spectrum of consciousness what i see in the Pluto/Saturn combination is the actual man. Someone who has true authority from knowing themselves, someone who commands respect (Saturn) authentically, out of true integrity (Saturn). Saturn and Pluto combined makes me think of the wise elder who has awakened to his true shamanic power, and who has integrated the shadow by being the Light Itself. Such a man is a “Sourcerer” to use a term coined by the Toltec teacher Mark Cloudfoot Gershon. Someone who is “at cause”, a master of his own destiny and fate, who acts without karmic consequence, free of attachment to results.

The Pluto influence would suggest this shamanic quality, as someone who is a master (Capricorn) of navigating the unseen realms, resurrecting the dead (Pluto), healing (Pluto) the sick, and protecting the good beings who usually always get the shaft.

Be Christed

We could also think of the actual man as one who embodies the Christ Consciousness, someone who is “Christed”. My view is that Jesus was trying to tell us that this condition of his, Christ Consciousness, (or Christos in Gnostic terminology) is the direct connection to the Transcendental Divine, and that it is each one’s inevitable destiny. The idea that he “died for our sins” on the cross, is a way to postpone having to go through the entire process ourselves, for real. To me, the crucifixion is more a metaphor for how it feels to be Infinite and in a limited body at the same time.

But there’s no way around it, it was really just the torture/sacrifice of an enlightened being, which is something that has happened way too many times, in countless different ways, on this planet, and is nothing to be worshipped and re-enacted.

So, in short, be a Christ, not just a Christian. Some refer to this as being “anointed”. I’ve written more about it here:

Savior Self: the resurrection of bliss

So i submit that Saturn and Pluto together, at the high end, would be the actual man, or the I Ching’s superior man. Saturn’s positive side is like a good father. Strong and effective, but also nurturing and protective to his family. “Like a king he approaches his family” says the I Ching. This man will be respected in the community, not because people are afraid of him, but because they love him. He treats them with kindness, but is not a doormat. He has boundaries, but they are intelligent boundaries, that can tell the difference between people and situations that drain his energy without a reciprocal offering, and relationships and people who are supportive and empathetic. Like a healthy cell in the body. This is Capricorn, with the Cancer polarity integrated seamlessly. It is not something that has to be done, as in some kind of “behavior modification”, but rather arises spontaneously when one has relaxed into the zero point awareness of their own Divinity. The ability to respond.

So this is our present opportunity. How will we meet this conjunction?

Cooperation is Electric

And women will have to change, too. With the North Node in Cancer, and the two asteroids present in the conjunction, women will learn how to be warriors, AND nurturing compassionate beings at the same time. Our Central Intelligence is beyond gender. It is our Infinite Intelligence beyond duality. It is Pure Radiance, which lights up the faces and the eyes of man and woman alike. Let’s face it, right and left, male and female, are complementary energies. The light is only generated when the polarities integrate, resolve the opposition, to create the current. Cooperation is electric. And with the light comes Illumination. WE are the Actual Illuminati, let’s face it!

IA: Pluto in Capricorn / Deep State / the Cult of Corporate Control

Here’s what comes to mind for me. Saturn, and Capricorn, have to do with the structure of society, government, politics, dominant top-down systems of control, and so forth. Now, the Pluto part of the equation has to do with what is hidden, occult, and the underworld.

So one obvious interpretation, at the low end of the spectrum, if we mix the two (Pluto and Saturn), is a government that is hidden, or secret.

“Democracy” by Laurie Lipton

So this immediately brings to mind the whole concept of the “deep state” which has been coming more and more into the public eye of late. Now this term is a hot button, that provokes a lot of reactivity, it is often called a “conspiracy theory”, but i ask you: did you ever notice how, no matter who gets elected, they never do what they promise to do? And have you noticed that, no matter who gets elected, the wars and suffering continue? The money enslavement system reigns supreme, and the lies continue unabated. So much so, that now many people are shocked and outraged when presented with the truth, because they are so used to being fed lies, that the truth feels like an insult.

Really it takes almost zero research, especially nowadays, to find actual proof, all of it in verifiable public records, that this idea of a hidden government, of trans-national (beyond accountability to any country) origin, has been steering events on Planet Earth for a long time. Centuries, millennia even.

I have also noticed that people who refuse to even consider this idea of an occult control system/government are way more confused by world events than those who are willing to at least accept the possibility of a hidden government as a premise, and to do some digging into events, both current and past, with an open mind, to find out if it could actually be the truth. Once you begin to see the connections, suddenly it all becomes very clear, that most of the suffering on Earth is caused on purpose, through puppets whose strings are being pulled by some very dubious “characters” and entities from behind the scenes.

And, upon further research, you begin to see the scope, depth, and sheer depravity of this secret cult of control. They will literally stop at nothing to maintain their grip. If necessary, they will destroy the entire planet. Life means nothing to them.

Pluto in Capricorn: the cult of government

So for this essay i am going to be thinking of Pluto in Capricorn as the Deep State. Although this term is fairly recent, the phenomenon itself has been going on for a very long time. It is nothing new. Some people refer to it as the New World Order, or Illuminati. But whatever it is called, it is obvious, (is it not?) that there is an agenda behind the curtain, and what we are witnessing on the world stage is a drama, a pre-scripted drama of untold and unnecessary suffering, done (dare i say it?) ON PURPOSE.

Dare we say it? Is government a cult? Well, with Pluto in Capricorn, that could very well be the case, quite literally. But upon further research, we find that this cult has been operating in various evolving forms since way before any of us were born. The idea that this “deep state” is something new, and therefore a “baseless conspiracy theory”, is not borne out upon closer inspection.

And one of the best ways to trace this is to look back through some of the previous Saturn/Pluto conjunctions, as well as oppositions.

Pluto-Saturn cycles: a history of totalitarian control vs enlightenment

1518: Saturn Conjunct Pluto

This is the last time Saturn and Pluto were conjunct in Capricorn, the same sign as they are now. Two months before the conjunction is when Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg and began the Protestant Revolution, also known as the Reformation.

1750: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

Industrial Revolution begins

1786: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

Kant’s What is Enlightenment
1789: end of “age of enlightenment”
French Revolution

1787: US Constitution

1802: Saturn opposite Pluto

Ralph Waldo Emerson birth 1803

1818: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

birth of Thoreau 1817
birth of Karl Marx 1818

1833: Saturn opposite Pluto:

Transcendentalist movement: Emerson, Thoreau 1820s and 30s

1851: Pluto Saturn and Uranus conjunction:

1848: original publication of the Communist Manifesto – Marx and Engels
Marx himself had Pluto and Saturn almost conjunct in his birth chart of 1818. the actual conjunction took place in 1820.

1854: Thoreau publishes “Walden”: the “Walden Years” were 1845-1850

1851-1864: The Taiping Rebellion – Self-proclaimed prophet Hong Xiuquan revolted against the Qing Dynasty with his Christian cult the God Worshiping Society. Spurred on by visions, Hong rampaged across China, taking Nanjing in 1852, which he governed for 12 years. Hong was found poisoned in 1864. The conflict claimed at least 20 million lives.

1867: Saturn opposite Pluto:

aftermath of The Civil War, USA

Canada formally begins as a nation

Mexican independence from French

Marx writes “Das Kapital” Although Karl Marx did not create the word, it was after his work “Das Kapital” (1867) when the term “capitalism” began to be widely used to describe an economic system based on private property as the means of production.

1883: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

death of Marx: first German edition of the Communist Manifesto first electric light bulb invented around this time, 1st telephone call NY to Chicago

Northern Pacific RR last spike

US/Brazil telegraph

1884 Tesla moved to US

1888 – Tesla’s demonstration of his induction motor and Westinghouse’s subsequent licensing of the patent, both in 1888, came at the time of extreme competition between electric companies.

Early 1880s: the courtship and marriage of Sigmund Freud and Martha Bernays.

1899: Saturn opposite Pluto:

1898 – The United States Military Government in Cuba was a provisional military government in Cuba that was established in the aftermath of the Spanish–American War in 1898 when Spain ceded Cuba to the United States.

1899: The Boxer Rebellion – Under the rule of Empress Dowager Cixi, the secret society the Harmonious Fist began slaughtering foreigners. Known as the Boxers, they won Empress Dowager’s support when eight European countries sent troops. China lost the conflict, and the West imposed sanctions that permanently weakened Qing rule.

1899 – 1st known use of the word “automobile”, appears in an editorial in The New York Times

1914: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

World War 1

1931: Saturn opposite Pluto:

The Great Depression

1931: Civil War in China – Fighting between the Red Army and the Nationalist Party escalates into an 18-year-long conflict. (China)

1947: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

1945: end of WW2 and beginning of UN

1947: beginning of CIA, Tavistock Institute, and International Monetary Fund (IMF)

1966: Saturn opposite Pluto:

Summer of Love, psychedelics, Vietnam War

1966: The Cultural Revolution in China – This campaign was initiated by Chairman Mao to erase Capitalist and traditional Chinese influences of the People’s Republic and introduce the philosophy of Maoism to fill the ideological gaps. Schools were closed and Chinese youth directed to take the lead in change, resulting in youth gangs known as the Red Guards attacking undesirable citizens. Chaos led to martial law, Communist Party purges, and 1.5 million deaths.

1982: Saturn conjunct Pluto:

beginnings of the personal computer and the internet. TCP/IP

2001: Saturn opposite Pluto:

9/11 attack on the World Trade Center, New York

the Atheistic / Saturnian Roots of Communism

It is interesting to see how many Saturn/Pluto aspects have had to do with the development of communism, but it is really just about top-down control systems, and occult based totalitarian power structures. You know, the pyramid scheme of pseudo power. And if you trace these systems back far enough, you always come to the same character(s), pulling the strings. Just follow the money.

So let’s not fall into the kind of thinking that says: if you don’t like communism, you must be a capitalist, or vice versa. Haven’t we exhausted the possibilities of both of those systems? Do we have to keep repeating the past? Haven’t we seen the inherent failure of both models, for different reasons?

And it is becoming increasingly clear that both communism and capitalism are controlled by above, by the supra-national banking cartel. These banksters are without loyalty to any ideology. They go with whatever brings them the most return, and to back both sides of a conflict is one of their favorite practices. Saturn/Pluto all the way.

“You say that Marxism is the very antithesis of capitalism, which is equally sacred to us. It is precisely for this reason that they are direct opposites to one another, that they put into our hands the two poles of this planet and allow us to be its axis.” – Loeb banker Otto Kahn

How about something entirely new? How about holocracy? Have you heard of that? I hadn’t, until yesterday. Or holographic society? Sacred economics? Have you heard of these ideas? These are 5th density ideas, which we won’t even notice, until we free ourselves from 3rd density limited awareness (duality, basically).

One huge problem with the top-down control system is that it does not allow these new possibilities to take root, especially ones that will truly support actual freedom. The system/matrix is not inherently creative, and always replicates itself in synthetic versions, with fancy names, that just perpetuate slavery and suffering, and keep the pyramid in place. And any truly new ideas or inventions that would empower the people, are immediately crushed and suppressed, or else co-opted with a synthetic, imitation version of the real thing. Or, they are kept from the people, but used by the power structure as a weapon.

This really requires nuanced thinking, like: it is one thing to be against organized religion, and another thing altogether to be in denial of Divinity. Isn’t it obvious that organized religion is part of the top-down hierarchical control system? And isn’t it equally obvious that the Divine Reality is undeniably ever-present?

To try to force people to believe something, or to try to force them to not believe in something, goes hand in hand with the tendency humans have to place the authority outside of themselves. Authoritarian power structures can’t function without this kind of consent from humans.

If you think about it, atheism is very Saturnian, as the basic tenet of atheism is that only what you see and perceive with the senses is real. So Saturn, the physical manifestation, is all there is. There is no greater Divine Reality beyond it all. And therefore it coincides with the Satanic in that way.

Even the communist symbol gives away the Saturnian connection:

Karl Marx

One would just have to take a closer look at the “father of communism”, Karl Marx, to see the Saturn/Pluto combination in action, in his birth chart.

Apparently his personal life was a complete mess. More details in the link below. Quite fascinating, actually, it gave me a bit of a “Wizard of Oz moment” to see how the ideas of this really quite dysfunctional “man behind the curtain” could become so influential in this world, even today.

Obviously, none of us has met the man personally, and there is plenty written about Marx in a positive light. I tend to distrust “officially sanctioned” history, though, since as we know, history is written by the victors. And I just can’t help but equate this story of his personal life to the results of his ideas in the “real world”. Communism seems to be just a magnified version of his disastrous personal life, if what is written in the following article about him is true.

Marx the Man:

Grouchy Marx

So I think it’s probably safe to say this character was towards the toxic masculine end of the spectrum. His birth chart, as well, has Saturn in a wide conjunction to Pluto, in Pisces. Among many other problems, apparently he was alcoholic (Pisces), which opens one up to all kinds of parasitic and negative entities. And, it is ironic that the author of Das Kapital, all about money, (and really a definitive work on capitalism, oddly enough) had Sun and Moon conjunct the north node in Taurus, the sign that rules money. He obviously had something to learn about money, but by many accounts, his personal financial life was a complete disaster. With South Node in Scorpio, his past habits dragged him back into self-destructiveness, and using the resources and money of others.

Karl Marx birth chart

Also we notice that the Pluto Saturn conjunction in his chart is square to a Neptune Uranus conjunction in Sagittarius near the midheaven. Of course this can have a wide spectrum of ways it could manifest, but because he was unable to accept Divinity, i’m afraid this massive square probably manifested as a self-possessed misanthrope more than anything. Fits of inspiration perhaps, obviously an over-developed intellect, overblown and grandiose ideals, but devoid of heart force, thus disconnected from the human reality. Certainly, he does not come across as a happy or loving human being.

Marx of the Beast

Although Marx was genetically Jewish, in his young life he was Christian, but gradually migrated to the atheistic side, and even the Satanic side. Did he make the Faustian bargain somewhere along the line? Did he sign “the contract”? (Saturn rules contraction, and i daresay the Saturn/Pluto combination could definitely be the territory of the Faustian bargain.)

Although we probably won’t find much about Marx’s Satanic leanings in the socially accepted literature about Marx, there does exist a book, written in 1976, called “Marx and Satan”, by Richard Wurmbrand. From the foreword:

“Marx began life in a God-fearing family. It is documented that he was once a Christian. But a drastic change at some point in his life led Karl Marx to a deep personal rebellion against God and all Christian values. Eventually, he became a Satan worshipper who regularly participated in occult practices and habit. By examining Marx’s poetry, plays, correspondence, and biographical account, Richard Wurmbrand builds a convincing case for Marx’s undeniably Satanic preference. Marx’s own statements expose him as a hater of God, and therefore, a hater of God’s creatures-those who have suffered under Marxism and communism. Wurmbrand, who was imprisoned for 14 years in Europe for his outspoken views against communism, urges Christians not to be duped by Marxism’s benevolent disguise as a mere political or economic theory. He reveals the true root of Marxist thinking so that Christians will recognize the evil therein and stand against it. Having been a prisoner of the Communist government in Romania, Rev. Richard Wurmbrand has thoroughly researched his subject and seen its effects firsthand. “

you can see the book for yourself here:

Kapital Matrix

Also what i find quite curious indeed is the idea that although Karl Marx did not create the word, it was after his work “Das Kapital” (1867-Saturn opposite Pluto) when the term “capitalism” began to be widely used to describe an economic system based on private property as the means of production. Even a brief look into this book reveals an obsession with “things”. Some of the most dry and boring reading i have ever seen. I just don’t see how it qualifies as “philosophy”.

And, for someone supposedly against capitalism and materialism, he sure had capitalism down. Somehow, everything reduced to a commodity to be used. Strictly material plane. (Taurus) That’s my “uneducated” impression at this point.

So in a certain sense, we can thank Karl Marx for the two atrocious choices we now find ourselves thinking we have to choose from today: capitalism and communism. Did he invent them both? At the very least, he was a useful tool for the banksters, by helping to set up this capitalism vs communism dichotomy with which humanity has been struggling for a long time. It seems that communism came about really more as a manufactured reaction to capitalism, in order to keep humanity divided, rather than a valid alternative.

But let’s notice how similar the two ideologies are: both parasitic, both set up to benefit the small minority at the top, and both controlled from the top down. Marx’s “solutions” were always to be implemented by “the state”. There must be a better way to go, but am going to venture a guess that whatever it is, it won’t end in “ism”.

Henry David Thoreau

Just for comparison, let’s check the birth chart of Henry David Thoreau. Notice that he has virtually the same square as Karl Marx, (as they were born less than a year apart) the Saturn Pluto in a wide conjunction, in the first house, square the Neptune Uranus conjunction at the midheaven. (Both have Aquarius ascendant, only 3 degrees different.) Interesting to note how differently this very powerful and volatile aspect manifested in the lives and legacies of these two men.

Henry David Thoreau birth chart

Thoreau was very close with Ralph Waldo Emerson, (both were Transcendentalists,) who outlived him, even though older, and one can get a beautiful insight into the character of Thoreau from Emerson’s touching and poetic eulogy of Thoreau at his funeral, published in full here:

“he had the source of poetry in his spiritual perception” – Emerson

Definitely seems of a much different frequency than Marx, much higher up in the spectrum of consciousness.

What i find interesting in the comparison of Marx and Thoreau is this very strong internal struggle (square) both of them had, between Saturn/Pluto (the “dark side”), and Uranus/Neptune (enlightenment). Seems to me, in Marx’s case, the dark side won out, and in Thoreau’s case, the force of enlightenment. Although Thoreau was very austere (Saturn/Pluto), and wasn’t very good with money either, he applied that austerity to himself first in true humility, forging a very practical kind of spirituality, and was no stranger to silence and the stillness of Nature. In his case, the Saturn influence manifested as a very deep integrity, one who would walk his talk, and obviously first and foremost a true lover of Planet Earth. This is just my impression, for what it’s worth.

Now, back to the topic at hand.

Saturn conjunct Pluto: 1947

If we even go two cycles back, to the Saturn Pluto conjunction in Leo of 1947 we find some fascinating evidence. In 1947 we were just coming out of World War 2, so the previous Saturn Pluto cycle of war, including the atomic bomb (ruled by Pluto), and we came into “peace time” supposedly, with this new phase at the conjunction.

All conjunctions between any pair of planets are the equivalent to a new moon, where the moon conjuncts the Sun, each month. In this case it the pair is Pluto and Saturn. The new moon is the beginning of the cycle. An interesting thing to note about new moons, and therefore all conjunctions, is that at a new moon we don’t see the moon. It is conjunct the Sun, and it takes a few days for the moon to separate enough from the Sun to be able to be seen, which at first comes in the form of a crescent, very thin.

So lets apply this same principle with this conjunction. Whereas at the opposition, or full moon phase, the culmination is very obvious to all to see, as the full moon at night, at the new moon we will find that events beginning at the conjunction will take some time to become visible, much like a seed that first sprouts underground and takes some time before it is visible above ground.

The Central Intelligence Agency & Tavistock Institute

So i was looking for some events of 1947 that began quietly, underground, and only later began to be visible. Imagine my surprise when i found out that 1947 was the year that two VERY influential organizations began, within a few days of each other:

The Central Intelligence Agency, and the Tavistock Institute. As well, of course, as the United Nations, which began around that time too.

The first, the CIA, is much more visible, in a sense, than the Tavistock Institute, which is in London, but they are very much connected, and have had a profound effect on world events since then. And i am really hard pressed to find a way to explain any of those effects as positive for any of us, except in ways that i am sure were not intended.

As i love to decode the meanings of words, i find the name of this Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, to be nothing but a cruel joke, a bitter deception played on us all. More about that later.

Here is the chart of the “birth” of the CIA. Note the almost exact Pluto Saturn conjunction in Leo.

CIA “birth”chart


And, as well, the formation of Israel happened under this same Saturn Pluto conjunction, May 14, 1948. Note the Saturn Pluto conjunction, near the midheaven, in Leo. The Moon and Mars are there in Leo as well, all square the Taurus Sun. There’s Taurus again, like Marx. Definitely some control issues! Make of this what you may, it is just worth pointing out this influence in the astrology of Israel.

Israel “birth” chart

Social Engineering

If you are still on the fence about whether or not there is a “Deep State”, i encourage you to research into the beginnings of the CIA, because even though it officially began in 1947, it is often overlooked, just HOW they began, and who was involved.

Simple to explain. Most of us know that many Nazi officials and scientists after the war were invited to the US to start this organization, and that’s where the warning buzzers begin to go off. Say what?? look it up: Operation Paperclip. It is right on the official CIA website.

As it turns out, many of the world’s “intelligence agencies” began at the same time, and are all connected behind the scenes, with the purpose of steering world events in a particular direction. For more details on exactly how it was done, i recommend this video from the excellent citizen journalist from Canada, “Amazing Polly”:

the 60s/ Summer of Love/Haight

Anyway, let’s take a look at what happened at the Saturn Pluto opposition that followed that conjunction. it was in 1965 roughly, and Uranus was conjunct Pluto as well, making it particularly volatile. So what happened then? The 60s! The sex drugs and rock and roll, the Vietnam war, psychedelics, the foundations of the New Age movement, spiritual cults, so on and so forth.

I recommend research as well into the 60s and the involvement of both the CIA and the Tavistock Institute, which is a “think tank” which is behind most of the fashion, trends, music, arts, politics, and so forth. The term for it is social engineering.

a Tavistock “creation”, from 1966

Have you noticed how these words like “hippie” for example, just suddenly miraculously appear at a certain moment? Or social movements such as “punk”. Unfortunately there is a lot of evidence to show that all these trends are manufactured, in “think tanks” such as the Tavistock Institute (the “mother of all think tanks”), and the herd follows suit. “The trend for this year is such and such.” Didn’t you always wonder just where all these fashion and entertainment trends came from? Who thought all these things up?

And, really?? The Summer of Love took place on Haight Street?? I never could get over that one.

Fracturing the Mind with Trauma

Once one begins research into the methods of the CIA and Tavistock, one begins to see the level at which their secret programs have been working, and the torture and ritual abuse are one of their mainstay practices for fracturing the minds of people, breaking them so to speak. Don’t believe me? Look it up. It’s never been easier to do research than it is now. There’s no excuse for being uninformed now.

So we can see that these two organizations began in relative secrecy in 1947, and then the fruits began to manifest towards the opposition in the mid 60s. And then, as the opposition waned, we could see the derailing of the hippie movement, and its ultimate collapse, as these horrific scandals with the likes of Charles Manson and Altamont (both in 1969) overshadowed the loving component, which just didn’t have the warrior’s backbone embedded. The hippies were too drug-addled to really see what was happening, and, as the internet didn’t exist yet, the narrative was controlled by the corporate media for the most part.

By the time the Saturn Pluto conjunction of 1982 rolled around, we had pretty much given up on the hippie lifestyle, and most of the hippies became “yuppies” (where did that term originate?) got jobs and houses and mortgages, had kids, and relegated peace and love to the back burner.

Conspirator’s Hierarchy : The Committee of 300

for a deep dive on this subject, you can read the entire book, from 1991, of John Coleman here:

and note that this pdf download of the book is hosted on the CIA’s website! Hidden in plain sight.

“All information that I provide in this book comes from years of research backed up by impeccable intelligence sources. Nothing is exaggerated. It is factual and precise so do not fall into the trap set by the enemy that this material is “disinformation.” For the past two decades I have provided information which has proved to be highly accurate and which has explained a lot of puzzling events. My hope is that through this book, a better, clearer and wider understanding of the conspiratorial forces ranged against this nation will come about. That hope is being realized as more and more young people are beginning to ask questions and seek information about what is REALLY going on. It is difficult for people to comprehend that these conspirators are real and that they have the power I and many others have attributed to them. Many have written to ask how it is that our government does nothing about the terrible threat to civilization? The problem is that our government is PART of the problem, part of the conspiracy, and nowhere and at no time has this become more clearly evident than during the Bush Presidency. Of course President Bush knows precisely what the Committee of 300 is doing to us. HE WORKS FOR THEM. Others have written to say, “We thought we were fighting the government.” Of course we are, but behind government stands a force so powerful and all-encompassing that intelligence agencies are even afraid to mention the name “Olympians.” Proof of the Committee of 300 is found in the vast number of powerful institutions owned and controlled by it. Listed here are some of the more important ones, all of which come under the MOTHER OF ALL THINK TANKS AND RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS, THE TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE OF HUMAN RELATIONS with its far-flung network of hundreds of “branches.”

Saturn Pluto conjunction 1982

And so, continuing on, inquiring minds want to know: what was cooking secretly behind the scenes in 1982, and the period shortly before and after that?

Well, it was the personal computer, and the internet. Although the first commercially available Apple computer to really catch on with the public was in 1984, (was George Orwell in on something? ) we can see that it was being cooked up for a number of years before that at least, including the marginally successful Apple II, in the late 70s.

Also the TCP/IP protocol, upon which the internet is built, was being developed in those years, and came together in January 1983. Of course, the internet didn’t really get going for a while after that, but there again, it is like the seed sprouting underground, and then later pushing above into the light.

The internet began as ARPANET in the mid 60s. This looks to have been at first part of the government, but one can speculate that this idea of total control and surveillance, “1984” style, was already in the works. Interesting that it was just getting off the ground in 1984.

So it is likely that the internet, and the personal computer, were part of a larger plan, which is really beginning to consolidate now, of total surveillance. One only has to look at the phenomenon of the newly emerging 5G Social Credit Score in China to see where this is headed.

the Silver Lining

But what they may not have foreseen is the amount of positives that would emerge from the internet, including the availability of SO much information to everyone, about virtually everything. The joke is, the surveillance society cuts both ways, so that these days, it is really almost impossible to keep a secret. And this is a huge problem for those whose deceptive work is predicated on maintaining secrecy. They may have arrogantly thought that they could spy on everyone without the camera being turned on them, but now everyone has a movie camera with them at all times.

So this brings us to the idea that each one of these Saturn Pluto cycles has a positive side too, most likely an unintended consequence by the controllers (Saturn Pluto). The late 60s brought a lot of positive changes in society too, and those of us who navigated the 60s without too much damage were able to build on that in many ways that has led to a more grounded and practical spiritual movement, based on real truth.

Totalitarian Tiptoe

So this cycling of Saturn and Pluto seems to coincide with the promotion of some kind of totalitarian agenda, and we can see the endgame coming into view: world government, world domination. So many of the things that were initiated at the conjunctions, and the events that happened at the oppositions, like the attack on 9/11, start to reveal an overarching and multi-generational plan, being carefully and ruthlessly built at great cost to humanity and the planet. It is hard to imagine a good end result to this plan. It seems to end really, in the complete destruction of everything and everyone, except a few billionaire cyborgs in their fortified underground bunkers, eating their Soylent Green, and engrossed in some virtual reality video game technology.

But we also see an evolution of the “silver lining” to this cloud, which included the invention of the electric light, for example. The compression of Saturn and Pluto always seems to lead to some kind of breakthroughs too.

Perhaps this time around, we will ALL re-connect our multi-dimensional circuitry, and realize the Light that we each are. And that will include realizing that we are not alone, and that this current battle is being waged as well on a higher level beyond Earth in 3D, and has been for some time. I have a feeling our minds are going to be blown at the scope, both negative AND positive.

There again, the word “totalitarian” has the solution embedded within it. Be TOTAL. In other words: WAKE UP. FOR REAL. No one can do it for you. And you will produce a kind of reverberant shockwave that will affect the morphogenetic field in ways much more powerful than you can imagine now.

But will you do the Work? (Capricorn is work, discipline). If you do not control your own mind, someone else will.

II. Deconstructing Satan

We are now seeing the whole struggle of good against evil coming to a head. With so much satanic pedophile activity in governments, media, and the entertainment industry coming to light, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at the whole idea of Satan, using Saturnian symbology as an entry point. Please bear in mind this is just my view of the situation, if it does not resonate for you, no problem.

In the book called “Laws of Form” by G. Spencer-Brown, he refers to what he calls the “First Distinction” which is basically when the distinction is made between something and something else. You could think of it as the beginning of duality, in a way.

The symbol:

“Also called the “mark” or “cross”, is the essential feature of the Laws of Form. In Spencer-Brown’s inimitable and enigmatic fashion, the Mark symbolizes the root of cognition, i.e., the dualistic Mark indicates the capability of differentiating a “this” from “everything else but this.”
In Laws of Form, a Cross denotes the drawing of a “distinction”, and can be thought of as signifying the following, all at once:
The act of drawing a boundary around something, thus separating it from everything else;
That which becomes distinct from everything by drawing the boundary;
Crossing from one side of the boundary to the other.
All three ways imply an action on the part of the cognitive entity (e.g., person) making the distinction.”

When i contemplate this, Saturn immediately comes to mind. Saturn represents the boundary, the form, the limit, which separates one thing from another. It also rules the principle of contraction, and limitation. So we could say the Saturn is the enforcer of duality.

Also Saturn represents the ego structure in psychology.

What is Ego?

Now, the term “ego” was coined originally by Sigmund Freud, but has also been used a lot by spiritual teachers and masters in more recent times, basically since Freud. My question is: do they mean the same thing? Does what enlightened masters refer to as “ego” mean the same thing as what Freud meant by it?

“According to Freud’s model of the psyche, the id is the primitive and instinctual part of the mind that contains sexual and aggressive drives and hidden memories, the super-ego operates as a moral conscience, and the ego is the realistic part that mediates between the desires of the id and the super-ego

Although this insight may have been ground-breaking at the time, it still falls short, as the idea of going beyond the ego complex altogether is not even considered. From reading this we can see that perhaps it would be helpful to coin a new expression to refer to the “ego” in the context of spiritual practice. Here’s why:

Sigmund Freud was not an enlightened being. Just the fact he was a cocaine addict alone is enough, but according to the following article, he was a defender of child molestation, and had plenty of sexual hangups of his own. Yet this guy is the father of modern psychotherapy!

At any rate, i think it is safe to say, he did not have the same understanding of ego as the enlightened sages, probably not even close. How could he, if he was still bound by it?

And one extra noteworthy fact: Edward Bernays, the so-called “father of public relations” (read: mind control), was closely connected to Freud.

So let’s get this straight: the “father of public relations”, or propaganda, Edward Bernays, was a “double nephew” of Viennese psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud—by virtue of his mother, Freud’s sister, and of his father’s sister, Martha Bernays Freud, who married Sigmund. Let’s keep that in mind.

now back to the topic of ego.

The Self-Contraction

Adi Da Samraj has referred to the ego as the “self-contraction”, and that it is actually an activity, that one is constantly “doing”. It is like a muscle cramp that one cannot release, and this “cramp” of the separate self “idea” is psycho-somatic, that is, it permeates the entire body-mind complex, and even into the subtle and causal bodies.

And from the point of view of this limited self, it is absolutely convincing that one is separate from everything “else”.

Although i am no expert on Freud, my guess is that his view of ego did not go that deep. As most mainstream psychotherapy is not aimed at freeing one from the knot of self-contraction, but rather aims to produce a “well-adjusted” ego, someone who can function within the structures of society with the least friction possible.

You could think of the rules for driving in traffic, for example. How to travel safely without getting in an accident. We never think of ego as something we can do without, because we think that we will lose our uniqueness without it. But the opposite is actually true. We won’t find our true individuality (not “dividable”) with ego still in charge.

So most of us tend to think of ego merely on the level of being “egotistical”, and that really we just have to “tone that down” so as to not cause disturbances in society.

But this says nothing of being truly free, and seeing through the whole complex. This is a process of living philosophy, where our understanding actually becomes embodied, and tangible through our words and actions.

But in order to see through Saturn, Satan, in all of his ramifications, we have to go beyond it/him. Saturn is pattern. Genius (Uranus) is pattern recognition. You cannot fully recognize a pattern that you are still part of. So how to get beyond the pattern becomes the trick question, the riddle.

Get thee behind me” is a good place to start.

the Knot-Self: your own personal Satan

So let’s invent a new term for ego in its truest sense: the “knot-self”. Ramana Maharshi has referred to the knot, or granthi, at the right side of the heart, the heart-root, which is the root of the self-idea. This is the same as Adi Da’s “knot of self-contraction”. It is the root of the entire perception of being a separate entity, including the very convincing bodily sensation of separate self identity.

So we can see, that seeing through this entire complex, and freeing oneself from this sense of separate self, is going to be WAY more challenging than just becoming a well adjusted ego in society.

The mainstream is not on this level at all. The mainstream is Saturn, it is the socially accepted norms that no one ever questions. Saturn is the “rules”, spoken and unspoken, it is the “box” outside which we are not supposed to think. So, as such, the sense of separate self is always reinforced by society, yes, even in so-called “spiritual” settings. Someone who has seen through it is, more often than not, seen as crazy by those still inside the box.

So, bearing in mind that Saturn and Satan and ego are synonymous, we can see that Satan is involved with the whole process of separation and limits. Our “knot-self” is our own little personal version of Satan.

One could even say that Saturn, the ego, the “knot-self”, is actually the shadow.

And Satan is the collective shadow.

And also it becomes clear that when one begins to wake up and free themselves from this “knot-self”, one is going to receive blowback from society. But, like i said, one cannot see the pattern fully, as long as one is still inside it.

Integrating the Shadow

There is a lot of talk these days in circles of self help and psychotherapy, about “integrating the shadow”, and it is here we can see perhaps an inkling of a solution for the whole dilemma of good against evil.

Some, including the Tibetan Buddhists, say that demons are really trapped elementals, and that when one frees these trapped elementals, they actually become helper spirits rather than demons. It is interesting to note, that the Greeks had the term daemon, which refers to “chthonic heroes, spirit guides, forces of nature”. The fact that these two words, demon and daemon”, are so similar is worth noting.

“Eudaemonia means having good fortune, wealth, or happiness. Carl Jung says you have to first connect with your own daemon, an entity inside that guides your unconscious passions and motivations.”

Could it be that Satan is just waiting for us to free him, and that then he will actually assist us, rather than always oppose whatever we do? Just wondering. Perhaps he is getting tired of always having to be the bad guy. I am wondering if there aren’t a lot of beings within the power structure who made “the deal” with the demonic energies, with Satan, that would really like to be freed to come back over to the side of the good. I am sure we will be seeing a lot of this playing out very soon.

I don’t mean to downplay the force behind the satanic, however. This is a highly complex and convoluted topic, but clearly something we have to investigate with courage and clarity.

But could it be that this is the most important and effective work that we can do right now? Resolve our own knot-self, and stop contributing to the collective shadow? Seems to me it would be a good start, for those who sincerely want to change.

Liberating the Elementals

In the Tibetan Buddhist practices, there are five Buddha families, which are related to the five elements. They manifest in the unenlightened as “passions” or disturbed states, but are transformed through the meditation practices into the five wisdom qualities of a Buddha. They are related to the 5 elements, Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Space or Ether. And let’s remember, that the elements are what the physical reality is composed of.

Rudolf Steiner also taught extensively on the subject of the elementals. In this excerpt he talks about freeing them. Instead of using the word “trapped”, he uses “bewitched” and enchanted”, but it’s the same idea:

Can we as men do anything to help those elemental spirits? This is the great question which was put by the Holy Rishis. Can we do anything to release, to redeem, all that is here, bewitched? Yes! We can help them. Because what we men do here in the physical world is nothing else than an outward expression of spiritual processes. All we do is also of importance for the spiritual world. Let us consider the following. A man stands in front of a crystal, or a lump of gold, or anything of that kind. He looks at it. What happens when a man simply gazes, simply stares with his physical eye upon some outer object? A continual interplay occurs between the man and the bewitched elemental spirits. The man and that which is bewitched in the substance have something to do with each other. Let us suppose that the man only stares at the object and takes in only what is impressed on his physical eye. Something is always passing from the elemental being into the man. Something from those bewitched elementals passes continually into the man, from morning till night. While you are thus regarding objects, hosts of these elemental beings, who were and are being continually bewitched through the world-processes of condensation, are continually entering from your surroundings into you. Let us take it that the man staring at the objects has no inclination whatever to think about those objects, no inclination to let the spirit of things live in his soul. He lives comfortably, merely passes through the world, but he does not work on it spiritually, with his ideas or feelings or in any such way. He remains simply a spectator of the material things he meets with in the world. Then these elemental spirits pass into him and remain there, having gained nothing from the world’s process, but the fact of having passed from the outer world into man.

Let us take another kind of man, one who works spiritually on the impressions he receives from the outer world, who with his understanding and ideas forms conceptions regarding the spiritual foundations of the world, one who does not simply stare at a metal, but ponders over its nature and feels the beauty which inspires and spiritualises his impressions. What does such a man do? Through his own spiritual process, he releases the elemental being which has streamed into him from the outer world; he raises it to what it was before, he frees the elemental from its state of enchantment. Thus, through our own spiritual life, we can, without changing them, either imprison within us those spirits which are bewitched in air, water and earth, or else through our own increasing spirituality, free them and lead them back to their own element. During the whole of his earthly life, man lets those elemental spirits stream into him from the outer world. In the same measure in which he only stares at things, in the same measure in which he simply lets the spirit dwell in him without transforming them, so, in like measure as he tries with his ideas, conceptions and feeling for beauty to work out spiritually what he sees in the outer world, does he release and redeem those spiritual elemental beings.

We could think of the Aladdin’s Lamp story as an example. There is a genie inside the lamp who is trapped there. The story illustrates the idea that the freeing of a trapped demon (a djinn, or genie), converts it into an ally, who supports the one who freed him, in very tangible ways, as in the granting of wishes and so forth. A kind of guardian angel of sorts. The same being transforms from an opponent to a helper. In other words, a daemon.

Aladdin’s Lamp: Arthur Rackham

Of course this story has a lot of interpretations, but i think it can also point to a solution for us in how to deal with the demonic dimension.

Gnosis: The Resolution of Good and Evil

As good and evil are polarized states, how can we resolve that conflict into a higher condition beyond both? On one end of the Spectrum we have the Creator, on the other end, Satan, the Devil. But wait: this is still a polarity, a duality. Can we not move beyond this duality as well?

To me it is obvious that the Creator God and the Devil, or good and evil, are opposite ends of a polarity, and therefore two sides of the same coin. We are always trying to balance them in ourselves, moving from saint to sinner, and every gradation in between. (Reminds me of the description above about Freud’s version of the ego, constantly vacillating between the id, and the superego.) And the church and government constantly reinforce the idea that we are sinners. Their biggest fear is that we wake up, and realize our innate Divinity.

We can even see this process within the human body, in the chakra circuit, from Heaven (crown chakra) to Hell (root chakra). Attention constantly circulates in this circuit, looking for freedom and fulfillment in various realms of experience represented by the chakras, from high to low, but it’s a closed circuit from which there appears to be no escape.

But i don’t see a day where good wins completely over evil, or vice versa. Because whenever you go against something, you end up strengthening it. When we reach an extreme, then the pendulum swings back the other way.

So the only real solution to this dilemma is in the resolution of the opposites. In Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, it is said that the true warrior looks first for conflict resolution, rather than to win. Fighting is the last resort.

Perhaps the resolution of good and evil is found in creativity.

And taking that one step further, perhaps gnosis, direct knowing, is the real resolution of the good vs evil dilemma. The Transcendental Radiance impacts the limitation body in the shadow world, and a miraculous transformation takes place. Enlightenment for real, the psycho-somatic conversion of the entire body-mind complex, makes you the solution.

Or perhaps, try this one on for size: could it be that the Creator God is the projected version of our own creative potential, which when not integrated, becomes demonic….? Worth investigating.

Because we can see, that when the opposites resolve into the Central channel, the tai-ji pole, we transcend the conflict, and enter into the realm of the True Acausal Divine, where there is no shadow, no limitation, no Saturnian knot-self contraction, and therefore no Satan. And no karma. The Divine is Primal Radiance beyond cause and effect, beyond any qualification, high or low. Yes it is “good”, too, but in a much more integrated and powerful way.

Humanity’s Duality Problem

So, perhaps the solution to the problem of Satan, Saturn, and the demonic is really just this. To recognize that our sense of being trapped in the self contraction and separation is due to our denial of it.

Much as the first step in Alcoholics Anonymous is to admit you have an alcohol problem, we have to take that first step, both as individuals, and as a community, to realize we have a separation problem, a duality problem. To see that we are not truly free, unlimited, but just too willing to accept imitation versions of freedom. Then we can begin to relax into our true center.

Then “integrating the shadow” becomes a process of coming closer and closer to exactly who you are, rather than some socially approved version of “you”. When we arrive at the exact point of who we truly are, the zero-point itself, the portal to our Infinite Self, the shadow completely integrates. Why? Because when one IS the Source of Light, there is no shadow. And this is Christ Consciousness.

When one is “in the light” there is still a shadow, but when you realize that you are the Source of Eternal Light, then the shadow, the knot-self, and Satan, simply dissolves, vanishes, with no struggle whatsoever. It is not “conquered”, it just simply vanishes without a trace.

Satan is the collective shadow

When we factor this information in with the whole idea of “The Demiurge” from Gnostic teachings, we can begin to see that the “Opponent” is really a collective thought-form that contains all of our denied elemental qualities. A kind of collective shadow, which contains a lot of perverse power, which some misguided characters seek to acquire for themselves.

The problem is, that in order to access this demonic power, they have to sell their souls, quite literally, in the Faustian bargain. This is a very real process, and most of those who are at the top of political and social power have made this transaction, to some extent or another. You simply aren’t allowed in the “Club” without making this deal. And please bear in mind, this is not just symbolic. It literally happens for real.

Faust and the Devil

Just to be clear, when one sells their soul, they willingly relinquish their connection to the Divine Reality, for success and power in the Dream of the World.

But this collective thought form, the Demiurge, is sometimes referred to as actually being neutral, not necessarily evil. If it were charged with more positive energies, it could reflect those into the creation as well. It takes on whatever energies the collective imbues it with.

But, it seems, most of us would prefer to externalize and project our unresolved tendencies into this collective thought form, the Demiurge, enacting, over and over, the whole scapegoat process, rather than resolve and integrate the shadow responsibly within ourselves.

5th Density Understanding

So we can do our part to deprive the power parasites who control the world of that energy by freeing ourselves from our own personal Satan/Saturn knot-self sense of separate-self. But clearly this is an Everybody-All-At-Once kind of process. Where we go one, we go all. Each of us has to do our own homework in that respect. And until we do that homework, of freeing ourselves, for real, we just aren’t going to be all that effective in bringing about a true and lasting change in the world.

But as the I Ching says, in Hexagram 43 line 4: “There is no skin on his thighs, and walking comes hard. If a man were to let himself be led like a sheep, remorse would disappear. But if these words are heard they will not be believed.”

The solution is so simple, most won’t notice it. They will continue to try to “comb the mirror”, (instead of their own hair), to struggle with the “outer world” to try and change it, but in the process will just strengthen its power. When we pass through the mirror, so to speak, when we reflect, suddenly we will see that it quite literally is all arising within us, entirely our own creation. Sort of like this:

But this is a fifth-density understanding, the one of taking total responsibility (Saturn and Pluto) for all of it. To the third density perspective it sounds like complete nonsense. Hence, even if these words are heard, they will not be believed. The knot-self will always want to “do it my way, the hard way”.

the Devil is in the Details

But the shift from 3rd to 5th density is the backdrop to all of this change. It is a high-resolution version of our current reality, in which each one of us is active as Creation Itself. When a photo is at high resolution, we can zoom in very closely and see all kinds of details that we don’t see in a low resolution version.

And remember the old saying: the Devil is in the details. So with our high resolution 5D consciousness, we “see” the Devil in the details. And when we truly see him, we ‘guess his name’, and he loses all power over us.

This high resolution life in 5th density is our inevitable destiny. The superimposed low-res 3D distortion is losing its grip, obviously. The Saturnian/Plutonic top down control system will not be able to survive this shift.

Sunrise in the Heart

This is a very practical way of taking personal responsibility for the human dilemma. No one can do this work for you, and without it, you cannot participate in the New. I know, it’s not very glorious, and if you really do it for real, no one will notice, or applaud you. So it is not an approach that narcissists will appreciate or see any value in. They would rather post the Instagram picture: “look at me, look how peaceful and spiritual i am, i am meditating!” or, “look at me, here i am, saving the planet!”.

But just imagine, if all of us were to really face the “holes” in the our psyche, and allow ourselves to really feel beyond the pain, into the emptiness beneath it, perhaps the true and positive qualities of Saturn would begin to emerge in society for real. The freed elementals will arrange a more harmonious world around us.

And perhaps the actual man will return home, like Ulysses after his long ordeal. This is a metaphor for the “sunrise in the heart”, when the Radiant King of Divine Birthright returns, kicks the knot-self to the curb, and retakes his rightful place on the Throne of the Heart. This is the destiny of every one who loves Truth.

Banish the Fear of Seeing

And this could very well even manifest on the “outside” as public servants in government who actually truly care for the people, and take the role of public servant seriously. Without first learning how to serve, one cannot truly lead.

And, if “we the people” would refuse to tolerate criminal pedophile psychopaths in government, any more, ever, it sure would help. Please stop voting for predatory pedophiles and human traffickers ! These “people” only make it to where they are because of the collective denial, the fear of seeing.

The point is, what would we like to see in the world around us? Take it on yourself, and be the change. Demonstrate the true marriage of spirit and matter, embodied. This is called actualization.

III. Reclaiming Our Central Intelligence

Now, about this cruel trick played upon us, by the Opponent. I would like to suggest that we have had a crucial component of our earthly vehicle shut down, and usurped. And what is that component? It is our Central Intelligence. Does that name sound familiar?

In several of my other articles i have mentioned this. In my last article, “The Secret Game of Music” i shared some information about the tai-ji pole, which consists of three gateways to the Infinite Intelligence, the primary one being at the heart, as well as one in the ajna brain-core, and one in the hara/sacral center. They are called the three Dantiens in Chinese chi-kung practice.

“in both the Hindu and Buddhist sacred texts they do commonly refer to the sacred 3 centers within their understanding of the energetic matrix. They call them Granthi. They are 3 energetic or psychic knots that need to be untied, unwound and unbound before Awakening can occur.
…..Both the 3 dantiens and 7 chakras emanate from the TaiJi Pole which is the deepest energetic structure within the body. Its actually a hologram that reflects the Divine within the center core of your body/mind. The dantiens overlay, encompass and are slightly deeper than the chakras.
To use a metaphor the chakras are like geysers that connect the external Earth to the internal, the dantiens are the deep internal reservoirs or aquifers and the Tai ji pole is the emanating source. “

This tai-ji pole forms our Central Intelligence, that is my take on it. It is what “straightens us out”, literally. As a Gnostic is also referred to as a Telestes, or “one who is aimed”. This unbending intent is vital.

Note: the Sun/Earth polarity is, in my opinion, what the Saturn/Moon polarity is a synthetic imitation version of. The Sun/Earth is Christos/Sophia, the true sacred marriage with direct connection to the Pleroma, the Source Light. Saturn/Moon is the family, the domestic enslaving paradigm under which we are made to believe we must live. It is the karmic recycling, the satanic overlords, the death and birth wheel of time that we are supposed to believe goes on forever. But everything in time has an end, including time itself. And that end begins every now.

And, as shown in the above diagram, we are the vital connector, the spark that jumps that Sun/Earth polarity. We are electric beings in an electric Universe.

Knowing is Magnetic

“The eternal spiritual man is the magnetic Light which God IS. Man’s knowing is centered in the seat of his Consciousness which is located in the center of his head between the right and left lobes of his brain. Man’s sensing and thinking is an electric interchange in waves which concentrate and decentrate in varying intensity in obedience to the sensed demands of his body or of the spiritual desires of his Mind.” – Walter Russell

Remember where Jesus was crucified? At Golgotha: the place of the skull.

At the top of this “tai-ji pole” we have the ajna dantien, in the center of the head, which includes the “reptile brain” AND the pineal gland, or “third eye”, which in my view are SUPPOSED to work together, along with the dantien of the heart, (we could call it the “sacred” heart, perhaps), our connection to the Infinite. Add to that the dantien in the hara, which has to do with absolute groundedness in the Infinite.

This Central Intelligence of ours is what gives us agency, that is, the ability to truly act. To be real and truly effective, to be actual. A quick search yielded this definition of the word “agency”:

Agency: Agency (sociology) In social science, agency is the capacity of individuals to act independently and to make their own free choices. By contrast, structure is those factors of influence (such as social class, religion, gender, ethnicity, ability, customs, etc.) that determine or limit an agent and their decisions.
Personal agency refers to one’s capability to originate and direct actions for given purposes. It is influenced by the belief in one’s effectiveness in performing specific tasks, which is termed self- efficacy, as well as by one’s actual skill.

So it is worth asking ourselves: do i have the agency of my central intelligence at my disposal at all times? Do i have the ability to make free choices, based on what i know to be true? or am i just functioning out of societal programming, trapped in duality? Duality is the third density “dis-ease”.

Notice in the above definition of the word agency, that, in contrast to “agency”, “structure is those factors of influence (such as social class, religion, gender, ethnicity, ability, customs, etc.) that determine or limit an agent and their decisions.

Structure is Saturn. So, by this definition, Saturn is opposed to “agency”, i.e. everyone’s right to make free choices in their life.

So to me it makes sense to actively and intentionally reclaim the Central Intelligence Agency that is our innate capacity to make truly intelligent choices, or, our originality.

the Taboo Against Knowing

Maybe those who are reading this will have at least some inkling of this, if not full-on resonance, but we can also see clearly that this is not the case for many people around the world. It’s like a crucial part of their body-mind has been removed or shut down. The ability to see clearly and to act effectively on it. Very simple, but look around you. How many people are acting from this common sense? You begin to notice, there is actually a taboo against knowing. It is much more politically correct to just waffle in dualistic thought, so as not to offend anyone. You know, there is no Truth, everyone has “their own truth”. So nothing can really be known for sure.

So let’s remember Walter Russell’s revelation that knowing is magnetic. How can anyone attract anything positive without truly knowing themselves?

20/20 vision

When the ajna center is added to the two eyes, the vision becomes much clearer. An analogy would be to notice the depth perception that you get when you go from seeing with one eye closed, to both eyes open. Suddenly you are able to get a more accurate perspective on distances, for example.

So when the ajna dantien activates, we get even more depth perception. We begin to see beyond the veil.

There is a knot at the ajna center, as there is in each of the three dantiens. In Sanskrit (?) these knots are referred to as granthi. When these knots are unravelled, or cut, through Grace, the channel between the heart and the eyes opens, and the vision is flooded with the Primal Unbroken Light. This adds an immense clarity to our normal sight, and we begin to see beyond the surface appearances into the energetic forces around us and around events. The vision becomes much more fluid and luminous, more oriented towards waves than particles, much like a lucid dream.

Togal Principle Practice : from Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen
by Thrangu Rinpoche

“The third lamp is called the smooth white channel lamp. This is the channel which connects the heart to the eyes. The eyes are the fourth lamp and the third lamp is the channel that connects these two. It is this channel that causes the appearances of Dharmata, seated in the heart to be visible. In order to be visible obviously they have to appear to the eyes and the connections between the heart and eyes is called the smooth white channel lamp. Now, it is a channel, but it is a channel that does not contain either blood or lymph. It is empty of everything except wind (energy). For example in some Dzogchen tantras it says, ‘ it is in the white place of the brain that the appearances arise to the senses.’ This refers to the vision of the eyes, because this channel passing from the heart, the smooth white channel lamp passes via or through the brain.”
thanks to Jackson Peterson for this text

Mind Control Usurps Our Innate Intelligence

In my experience, such as it is, it is clear that there are forces around us that do not want this capacity, our central intelligence, to awaken fully, because then we will not be able to be tricked into the slavery system that these forces are trying to foist on us.

The good news is, we will go a long way towards immunizing ourselves from this whole scam, if we can just allow our perfect vision to awaken, through the activation of our central intelligence. And when the lower dantien is included, we will become much more effective in our actions. We will have agency. Without it, we are just flailing.

So the hint is right there in the name. Who is it that has been particularly dedicated to making sure our minds stay fractured and confused, and how do they do it? Even the name “Central Intelligence Agency” itself is like a spell cast on us. Somehow, we are supposed to believe that some “authority out there” can be trusted with the agency of our own central intelligence.

One has but to look into the methods of this organization to realize the staggering depths that they go to, through torture, mind control and abuse, to fracture the minds of people so they can be used as pawns to carry out atrocities that anyone in their right mind would never agree to.


You can ask anyone from South America, for example, who has had family members tortured, imprisoned, and disappeared during the years of Plan Condor about the methods these “people” used to achieve their ends. Not a happy story at all. And this story has been repeated countless times all over the world. Many lives permanently broken, with zero regrets.

Or perhaps, do some research on the MKUltra mind control program. It won’t take much to realize there have been some very sick things done to many many people, and for a long time now.

The official story is that the program MKUltra was ended, and it was all blamed on one man. This video clarifies a lot about the matter:

Operation Mockingbird

Also worth looking into is Operation Mockingbird, another CIA program.

In a nutshell, this is the way the CIA infiltrated the media, almost immediately after its formation in 1947. Basically, mind control. As the television came into being in the 50s, it became the main tool for literally hypnotising people, and feeding their “programming” into our central nervous systems, with flicker rate hypnosis.

“Traumatize a baby & then sit it in front of the television for a while. Most people go into a sort of trance when watching television anyway, due to the flicker-rate (aka “refresh-rate”) effect. Since the child’s mind is like a sponge, it will suck up all the programming you want. Granted, this is a highly contested statement about television programming, however, it should be considered that, at the very least, watching TV can put a person into a hypnotic, trance-like state, causing things being said to them afterwards to have the possibility of becoming a post-hypnotic suggestion. Hence, advertising.”

So this is why the mainstream media is often referred to these days as the “mockingbird media”. People just automatically repeat like a mockingbird, (which doesn’t have its own song, but rather imitates the song of others,) what has been programmed into their minds through the television, without ever questioning if it is actually true.

And the television news reporters all repeat, like mockingbirds, the “4 AM talking points”, the “news” that comes in every morning at 4AM from the news agencies like Reuters and Associated Press. And where do they get this news? You guessed it, the CIA, the “intelligence” agencies.

There is nothing new about this kind of news. It is just a time loop.

So, just in case you are thinking this is preposterous, here you go, another doorway into the rabbit hole:

CIA Admits to Congress the Agency Uses Mainstream Media to Distribute Disinformation: 1975 Video

Engineered Suffering

Let’s call it what it is: engineered suffering, done on purpose, and therefore unnecessary. Yes, Buddha said “life is suffering”, but imagine how much less suffering we would have if all the suffering created on purpose were to stop!

And don’t think it is just some poor victims elsewhere, in 3rd world countries or whatever. The odds are good, that it is even you. Of course the mind control, torture and slavery has many gradations, from slight to excruciating, but as our 2020 vision comes online we begin to see that it is an epidemic, and that most people are suffering from the effects of it to some degree or another. And many are completely destroyed by it.

One tell-tale sign that it is active, even in “normal” people, is the knee jerk reaction that many people have when confronted with the truth, if it doesn’t fit their tidy little world view. And it invariably doesn’t fit. The truth is not comfortable at all. If you want to be comfortable, Planet Earth at this moment is probably not the best place to be. Here we’re about being free, when it boils down to it. Truly free.

So, helpful hint: If you get triggered by anything, that is called reactivity, which is the cornerstone of the knot-self. In Kabbalah it is said that the Opponent (Satan) hides within us in the form of our own reactivity. So if you get offended, or “triggered” by anything, guess what: there’s your homework right there.

And then they go on to say that resisting your reactivity attracts more light to you. Knowing is magnetic.

the Resolution of Duality

The problem with not having the central intelligence activated, is that we get stuck in duality. We just get slammed from one side of the brain to the other, always in reaction to the other side. furthermore, our attention gets stuck in the head. The drop to the heart doesn’t happen when the brain is out of balance. So the life, love and vitality drains out of our interactions with others, usurped by a whole lot of other unhealthy behaviors and consequences.

The democrat/republican polarity is one obvious example, but there are many, like for example, capitalism/communism. Liberal/conservative another one. Two crappy choices! But so many people just carry on and on as if those are the only two alternatives we have. Have you noticed how liberals are into the CONSERVation of the environment, and how conservatives love LIBERty? hmmmm…

So what happens with the resolution of duality is that a third option appears, a fusion, in which the best of both worlds appears as a possibility. When the two halves of the brain fuse into the ecstatic intuition of the Conscious Light of Eternity, we suddenly see how woefully inadequate all our striving to make one polarity “win” over the other are. But there more transcendent options and solutions from the resolution of polarities are not even noticed by those stuck in right brain/ left brain consciousness. This, in a nutshell, is our “duality problem”.

The polarity of good and evil, true and false, light and darkness is the trickiest one to resolve. But it finds its resolution in the Actual Man, the I Ching’s Superior Man. Embodied Divinity.

Making life decisions also, without your central intelligence, is a hit or miss affair. Things may look fine on the surface, but be total chaos underneath. An example can be how many parents are now ending up with either permanently damaged, or even dead children, because they were not aware of the whole backstory on vaccines, and just blindly accepted the advice of a doctor who is functioning as well without his/her central intelligence activated. Blind leading the blind.

This kind of decision can affect your entire life, even in a very hard way. Really it can ruin your life in just one moment of a fateful wrong decision. It just doesn’t make sense to live a life without activating your full vision, on all levels. At least it doesn’t to me.

The White Hats

It is now coming to light, that as well as this pernicious and parasitic deep state entity that has been infiltrating governments all around the world, and taking them over through blackmail and corruption, there has been a contingent of honorable people, within the system, people with INTEGRITY (one of Saturn’s positive qualities) that has been working behind the scenes as well, to stop this cannibalistic beast from devouring everything and destroying the planet. In fact, i am sure there are way more people in the whole structure that have good intention, than there are evil ones. The problem is, only the evil ones rise to the top, the way it has been set up until now.

And as we open our eyes and look deeper we also begin to see that we have off-planet support now for all of this. We have true allies here helping, on so many levels. This war is multi-dimensional, and an amazing event to be here for.

If we look at the planets in this moment, late 2019, we can see that Saturn in Capricorn, in his home sign, is closing in on Pluto in Capricorn. I see it as a huge day of reckoning, at least potentially. It is really up to each one of us to make sure we take the high road with this conjunction.

And as to exactly who those “white hats” might be, this is for each to figure out for themselves. There’s plenty of speculation being bandied about. If you use your own central intelligence, you’ll be able to tell. But it’s not necessarily easy. You may have to do some deeper “digging”. But if you still need someone else to tell you what is true or false, then you’re going to have to repair that part of yourself first. It is a challenging and ongoing practice, tuning more and more to truth.

A hint: if someone is being censored, attacked, and suppressed by the mainstream narrative, look deeper there. It’s not simple though, as there are many layers of subterfuge going on. But look at the bright side: it’s a great workout for your discriminating intelligence.

A good place to start is: do their actions correspond with their words? Caveat: this will require some effort and intent on your part, to check out their actions AND their words, and then of course, the sources for the information you receive need to be investigated as well. It seems that too many of us are too willing to just accept the pre-packaged answer that fits with what we want to believe is true. But by their fruits you will know them.

Matthew 7:15-20

15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

Notice who wants war, and who doesn’t. Consider those who choose war, of any kind, to be enemies of humanity. And those who support them in any way are accomplices. The war machine must be melted down. Live in the place of neutrality. The war on drugs, the war on climate change, it doesn’t matter. Even the war on war does not work. Haven’t we exhausted the possibilities yet? What you resist, persists.

The White Hats, too, are part of the game, however. The chessboard has black and white squares. Good and evil is a polarity which cannot be resolved completely as long as we still exist in duality. So let’s not get sidetracked. Of course we like it when the “good guys” win, and we always work for that in the context of the 3D game. But we do have the option as well of dissolving the problem altogether, by graduating from limited dualistic perspective, which is way more effective than one might think.

Societal Ego Death

The combination of Pluto (death) and Saturn (ego, political establishment) can also manifest on a personal level as ego death, and on a collective level as the death of the corrupt power structure.

If we don’t take the high road, i’m sorry to say, this Saturn Pluto conjunction can be the the ramping up of a very serious and dark agenda which has been planned for generations. Total and brutal control. This agenda has been passed down through bloodline families (Capricorn and Saturn), and enforced with dark rituals (Pluto) which amount pretty much to the age-old Faustian bargain. Yes, many of these dark players have sold their souls to Satan, quite literally.

To me, that translates to someone who is irretrievably bound in the knot-self in the truest sense of the word, which is engrained psycho-somatic belief in separation, and that only the world of the senses is real. One loses one’s connection to Infinite Divinity, in exchange for worldly power. It happens all the time! Just one look at most of “our leaders” and our favorite entertainers, and we can see, there’s some not so funny business going on backstage.

yes, this dress is made out of meat. a being died to make this.

Yes, we’d like to keep this in the realm of myth, it is too grotesque, but let’s not be naive. Even though is is extremely hard to stomach, it is far preferable to look than not to look. If you think it will just go away if you ignore it, think again. Many will say they don’t believe in Satan, therefore it has no effect on them, but Saturn is way more tricky than that. He loves it when you just don’t want to know what he’s up to. That is the only way he can get away with his depraved shenanigans, is if you just turn away. Like Count Dracula the vampire, he cannot stand the light of day, even for a moment.

and this is supposed to be “art”.

So the solution boils down to something quite simple. But you are not going to like it. You would rather have someone on the outside do all the work for you. But unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Isn’t that obvious by now? Personally i know many people who have wasted years of their precious lives focused on what and who they hate, “out there”, rather than taking the responsibility to understand the deeper process at work here.

Rude Awakening

20/20 vision. OPEN YOUR EYES (all three of them) AND SEE. Simply be available to witness what is true, even if it goes entirely against what you would like to see happen or what you would like to believe is true. And the truth shall set you free. We are not here to be comfortable. We are here to be free.

Yes, it is simple, but not easy. You will have to free yourself from all the ways you are invested in keeping the whole charade going. It will test (Saturn) you to the core (Pluto). We are all in for a shock. The Great Awakening is going to be a rude awakening for many. Even those of us who have been in the process for a long time are going to have our minds blown.

What Next?

And now, of course, inquiring minds want to know: what is cooking behind the scenes now? what is this next Saturn Pluto cycle going to bring?

SO many things, it would be difficult to list them all, but here are some possibilities:

  • the Great Awakening.
  • Quantum Computing
  • Yellow Vests, and similar organic uprisings
  • Blockchain (the decentralization of money, government, and everything else)
  • Breakthroughs in cryptography, code of all sorts, including genetic.
  • the New Internet, free of censorship
  • Extraterrestrial contact (but don’t wait for it to be announced on TV)
  • Free Energy.
  • Citizen Journalism.
  • Citizen government.
  • Elimination of the parasitic middleman in virtually everything, including government.
  • The final push for global government and total control
  • 5G or 5D, you decide.

So this Saturn/Pluto conjunction is the moment to begin whatever it is that you are here to do. Whatever it takes, start it now. Just remember, if it is based on lies, or if it harms others, even indirectly, it probably won’t fly. This is the time when projects that are good for everyone will begin to succeed. If it’s not good for everyone, it’s not good.

Waking Up from the Nightmare

is there a solution to all this? How can we ensure that we at least begin to have more positive outcomes in the “outer world” around us? Saturn and Pluto together can be so dark and intense, is there a way to mitigate these effects, or change them altogether?

the Frequency of Distortion

To me, the Saturn energy (and the Pluto energy as well) has been infiltrated by some very negative parasitic entities, and it emits a kind of distorted frequency, which is distributed on the earth by the moon (Saturn’s partner in the Capricorn/Cancer polarity) .

This frequency distortion is perpetually irritating and debilitating to ordinary people. If you follow the lunar transits in relation to your own chart, and notice how you feel, you will begin to wonder, just what the purpose of the moon really is. So many times it stirs up reactive emotional states, of all different kinds.

A good example of this is presented in the movie “They Live” where a man finds out that there is this constant frequency being beamed into society that keeps everyone fearful and at each other’s throats.

Once you notice it, you are in a position to do something about it, to protect yourself. But those who are not aware of it are severely manipulated by it. And those who choose to “steward” this distortion, to assist it in its inexorable undermining of all that is sacred, are, quite simply put, enemies of humanity.

the Veil is a Toxic Overlay

But what if we consider this whole situation as a kind of toxic distorted nightmare overlay on top of the Radiant Transcendental Reality? It seems that to clean the whole mess up, one piece at a time, could take forever, literally. We need a much more expedient solution, so may i suggest that we simply


You know how even the worst nightmare just vanishes when we wake up? And many times, we can’t even remember what it was about! How about we all wake up from this toxic overlay? Together! After all, it is imaginary, just like everything else. Is it not? I know, it seems very real, but so does the nightmare when you are in it.

Could it just be an overlay, a filter? Like a dream overlay, which distorts the picture, or, really the reality we experience. For every single being there is a completely different universe, or reality. It is only in the Divine that we reach oneness, so we will have to meet there. It’s inevitable. If not now, when?

When the dream becomes lucid, then we can begin to move it, we begin to practice being “at cause”. Yes, we can develop the capacity to change what we cannot accept. When we drop through the zero point, (the “eye’ of the needle”,) the scalar waves of influence and effect begin to radiate through us, and we can change things even across the universe, effortlessly. It is a mystery how this happens, but it does! Try it yourself, it is the greatest adventure ever.

Do your own research. the internet is finally here. USE IT! if you don’t it will be taken away, infiltrated, polluted, weaponized, and used against you. It already is. Yes, we all like to keep it light, and “fun”, because yes, our pure Nature is joy, bliss.

But this is a war. Let’s not be naive. And fortunately Being Itself has a warrior/protector component that is infinitely skillful. This warrior, the protector of all that is truly sacred, is the high resolution version of the Saturn Pluto conjunction. It is part of our “toolkit”, and for good reason. Recognize the methods of the Opponent. He is a crafty bastard. But you know his ways, because you use them, when you are too lazy to think for yourself. Funny how that works. This is a house of mirrors, best to have your wits about you.

That’s enough for now. In Hexagram 57 of the I Ching, the 5th line says: “Before the change, three days. After the change, three days.” We can apply this here. The actual change is January 12 2020. The “three days” refers to a complete cycle of time, not literally three days. This means that before a big change like this, we have a period of preparation for the change, and then afterwards we observe carefully to make sure the change is proceeding well. Perhaps i will have more to say about this as the change progresses. I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of this topic. In any case, thank you for reading, i hope it was helpful. Eyes open!

“There is no freedom where there is dependence. There is no freedom where something or someone else pulls the strings. The Warrior takes this to many ultimate places to show that self-reliance, self-generation and self-initiation are possible. Then all strings are cut. The state of pure uncertainty is attained. Then the Warrior is truly free.” – Mark Cloudfoot Gershon

©2019 Kit Walker all rights reserved

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  1. I am in awe at the wisdom and genius of this post! Truly remarkable and so much to muse. to ponder, and to integrate….
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  2. In my opinion, ONLY a seldom seen, long overdue CULTURE SHOCK (And something TANGIBLE) will awaken the masses. Simply ‘spreading the word’ will not work, it NEVER works…..that goes double without anything to back it.

    Personally, I need to find the ET’s and go with them and LEAVE this SHITHOLE of a prison planet. I TRIED to help the masses awaken…no one listened to me….just got laughter and FISTS thrown at me as result.

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      1. I got more trust and respect for aliens than I do for humans.
        Also, the aliens can help ME where the humans CAN’T.

        As In giving me my PROPER gender body….I might be born male, BUT, inside ,there is a WOMAN who is SCREAMING for help to be real. The Archons and their lizard buddies, as they did with many souls, put me in the WRONG body. Also, I want a REAL life span….80-100 years, with aging….is NOT enough for ME. The aliens can help me, I want to be FAR more than a genetically raped monkey. Also, this is my FINAL reincarnation….life on earth as a human, as a man, and on this rotten planet has put me off EVER incarnation again, I shall NOT risk getting another miserable life like this.

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      2. i hear you Sherman. this place is a strange laboratory. i can only guess that i came here as a course assignment in the Eternal School. The Saturn element teaches us mastery, but that’s a hard one to get more times than not. bless

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  3. This is totally consistent with what I have been discovering through the internet and what I know from my own experience to be true. As a galactic here during this time to help people wake up, finding Something like this that can help wake up humanity is so inspiring. Keep up the good work!

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  4. Thank you SO much for this excellent article. I shall be sharing it far and wide. The depth of information that you’ve provided is commendable. I have been awake to this for many years now but the connection to the astrological influences is fascinating. I ‘see’ and ‘feel’ great changes happening beyond what is visible on the surface and I feel excited and blessed to be here at this time of transformation.
    My contribution is to help people become empowered and see beyond the obvious, step into their true power and become conscious creators of their reality, which affects the reality of all. I also share inspiring and transformational messages on my weekly radio show – The Cosmic Creating Show. I would be honored if you would consider being my guest and sharing more of your knowledge and wisdom.
    Thank you again for being here! ❤

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    1. thank you so much for your comment, and for sharing, so glad you like ! and yes i’d be happy to come on your show, you can contact me through the contact form here, and we’ll take it from there..! thank you too ! 🙂

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  5. I’m so fortunate to find this article as I have felt very alone on the path for a very long time. Good to hear from another spiritual warrior. I’m not sure what I am doing here but am at home in a state of unknowing while this life unfolds. I am working with others who are awakening but there are so many stumbling blocks relating to others who have fallen for the illusions of duality. Truly, firing on all cylinders seems to be a rarity amongst humanity, so it is very encouraging to hear from you.

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  6. Thank you Kit Walker for you’re observations!!!
    This is Morgan Milligan commenting (Capricorn – 1/15/1955). I was enjoying the company of David Owen tonight, and we were reviewing past collaborations with musicians when I stumbled on to this site. Although I am not educated in the science of astrology, and therefore cannot comment on the configuration of the current alignment of the stars, I have been a studying mysticism in the form of Avatar Meher Baba (books: God Speaks or Listen Humanity) with the community of Sufism Reoriented in Walnut Creek for over 20 years.
    I concur with much of what you write and believe that we are on the cusp of a new age: The New Humanity! It has been predicted that the recent age, the Kali Yuga, is waning and that a new Cycle of Cycles will emerge that promotes the Oneness of All Things and Love for each other (the first steps towards Enlightenment).
    In God We Trust,

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  7. Hi Kit, I’m still only a third of the way through this excellent piece. I admire your work.
    Abbie Hoffman claimed to create the word Yuppie. Yippies? Yuppies. It was not a term of endearment.
    (Abbie was my father-in-law in the 80s until he was taken.)


      1. I’ve always thought the term was derived from Young Urban Professional. Which sounds pretty sinister in itself. Thank you, Kit, for this comprehensive essay—a gift of Love and Light.

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      2. wow, Adaline, thank you so much for the kind words ! i just read your post, thank you. Your blog is a fascinating place! yep, time to buckle up. i do have the strong feeling, although i just mentioned it in passing in the article, that we are having some kick ass off-planet backup, and that we may very well be about to witness absolutely mind blowing positive changes. At least, that is what i am holding in vision. We can’t go on like this, really. And we DO have way more say than we think. grateful for your feedback, Adaline !

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      3. Oh, and yeah, remember Abbie and Jerry Rubin with the Yippies in the 60s/70s? When Abbie came up from underground in the mid-80s he managed to avoid incarceration, and got back to work above ground. He had still worked while underground, posing as ‘Barry Freed’, even getting a small elected position I believe, in the town he lived in with his wife Josie, and they worked for ‘Save the River’, (not sure if they were part of founding it?) (The Saint Lawrence River in upstate NY) from dredging by the Army corp of engineers. Josie, Johanna, they both have huge hearts and cared for the environment in their activism in later years, I call her ‘Saint Lawrenson as that is her last name.
        So when Abbie came back up, he and Jerry, who had become a Wall Street goon, had some public debates, ‘Yippee vs Yuppie.’ Yes, it did mean young urban professional, whatever that means. 😉

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  8. I deeply appreciate your elaborate in depth exploration of the impending astrological alignments with history and our growing conscious collective awareness/awakening. Almost stopped reading at the overly Satanic (never known of the Saturn/Satan tie) start – which I awakened to in 2016 on a personal level as well – Intuition said go back and read the rest.
    The simplicity of awakening as you describe is happening, the self-healing being done, millions more each day. We are indeed the creators of our own reality/existence. Instead of kicking “the knot-self to the curb” hugging comforting then releasing will occur once unconditional love surrounds it.


  9. Wondering what your thoughts are about Capricorn being a feminine energy Earth sign? We read so much about patriarchy in connection with Capricorn (astrologers still arguing about the 4th and 10th houses re: mum and dad, maybe it’s both at the same time!) It appears that the form Spirit has taken on our planet has been shaped more by Mars than Venus in recent times. Spirit is All so there is need of a deep transformation in how we experience this Life force so as to be in greater balance and less denial of reality. Letting go of too rigid egoic claims of controlling Spirit and surrendering into experiencing a more receptive relationship to Life (including its chaotic, uncertain energy) so we eventually benefit from both ways (structure and flow) and can feel fully alive while we are here. Lots will happen to get us there.


    1. thanks for your comment Sophie..well i look at astrology a little differently, so i see all opposites as part and parcel of each other. The Cancer/Capricorn polarity go hand in hand, yes it’s both at the same time! Each sign is incomplete until resolved with its opposite. But after the opposites are resolved, then the best parts of both signs tends to manifest. greater balance and less denial of reality, yes! we’re in new territory now !


  10. Thank you so much for you writings and deep interpretations connected to the cosmos in our current times. I so appreciate the many ways that some truth seekers of awakened state are sharing different contextual connections that show no matter how the dark infiltrate and paint their revolting and nauseating scheme, the truth is always going to tell the truth. The story ultimately has a happy ending, and yes, we still have to walk through the gunk and stand strong. And the more that we just lean in the forward moving direction, clearing our mind of negative pre-conditioned brain training of the past, focusing on our desires, that of the good and supportive to all, we will reach the Son, the light in us at the end of the tunnel.


  11. I and many others will benefit from your practical and encouraging words … thanks! Despite the fact that I am fond of astrology from, I constantly remind myself that the planets continue their cycles, and that we all, I hope, will develop thanks to this experience.


    1. thank you Emma, yes we are in a major sea change here, it looks bleak, but i feel that it exactly the opposite. we have had nothing but bad news for most if not all of our lives, time to change up the hologram ! time for the good news: us !


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