The Tower: Saturn revisits 911

911 is the cornerstone of the lie. It has also been referred to as the litmus test. I am beginning to wonder if the time of karmic retribution for 911, and all the suffering that it begat, is upon us.

Let’s take a look at the chart of 911. The most salient feature is the opposition of Saturn in Gemini, and Pluto in Sagittarius, forming a T-Square with the Sun in Virgo.


It’s worth noting that right now, July 8, 2016, Saturn has progressed around half of the zodiac, and has just passed, for the second time, this time in retrograde motion, the degree where Pluto was on 911, 12 degrees Sagittarius.  As Saturn is the planet of karma, one might suspect that something karmic is in the works, related to 911.

Also, the most recent new moon in Gemini, on June 4, 2016, was on exactly the degree of Saturn on 911, 14 Gemini. And that new moon completed the ongoing mutable t-square with Saturn in Sagittarius, Neptune in Pisces and Jupiter in Virgo, making a grand cross. This mutable grand cross was VERY exact, no more than 3 degrees orb of difference between any of the planets involved.

As the Gemini new moon was the focus of the cross, we could say it was the beginning of a new way of SEEING, as Gemini rules the eyes. As Neptune also is involved, it can mean a seeing that goes beyond what meets the eye, a kind of clairvoyance being made available to everyone. A seeing into the depths (Neptune), and then taking responsibility (Saturn) for what you see. And taking responsibility means responding, to what we see. Without this kind of seeing beyond the surface, we cannot act effectively.

My recent article “The Dream Comes True: Reclaiming Our Imagination “ explores that grand cross in more depth:

Saturn has to do with karma, and it is contacting the Pluto of 911, if we look at that event as an entity, which it is. Both of these planets have to do with karma, and Saturn always has a lesson. What are we supposed to learn from all this?

Saturn was in Gemini on that fateful day. Saturn is The Tower. Gemini is the twins. The TWIN TOWERS. Pluto, explosive. And, Gemini at its worst can be utter superficiality. Phoniness. When it is not integrated with the other signs it can be the liar. And the lie. So now, with Saturn facing that Saturn, from the other side, it is demanding to know the truth. Sagittarius is what prevents Gemini from degenerating into falsity.

When Sagittarius, and in fact, the whole cross of mutable signs are included in the Gemini experience, Gemini becomes the witness, the infinite mirror. It’s time for us to look in the mirror and SEE what we have become. And this could include seeing how being in collective denial about 911 and the entire can of worms that it represents is actually eating our souls, quite literally. Pluto can be vampiric, the Parasite that eats souls. How have we been complicit?

Could this be the moment when the chickens come home to roost, and the real perpetrators of 911 are exposed and brought to justice? As Neptune is involved as well, the issue of suffering is integral to this configuration. The massive and ongoing suffering that was seeded that day has to be taken into account and reckoned with. Up until now, it has not been. And this entire multi-headed hydra of lies and corruption has become a serious, if not fatal drain on the energy of humanity. It will kill the host eventually, make no mistake about it.

And as Neptune has to do with illusion, we may be in for the complete exposure of the sleight of hand that was done on that day. It’s not like it was so brilliant that someone with their eyes open could not see what happened, and even who was and is responsible, but group mind took over, and the propaganda got catapulted, as was so famously said by the liar-in-chief (Saturn in Gemini).

We can see also in the chart, a grand trine in air, with Mercury in Libra, Saturn in Gemini, and Uranus in Aquarius. Perfect for catapulting propaganda. The smooth talking of Mercury in Libra directly conjunct the ascendant, and the superficial worldview of Saturn in Gemini, propagated through the masses.

But 911 won’t die. It is there, like the flame on the burner, just cooking us until we come to a boil. Could this be the moment?

pertinent dates

To look at exact dates: on June 10, six days after the Gemini new moon opposite Saturn with the grand cross, Saturn passed retrograde conjunct the 911 Pluto position. And the final pass, when Saturn goes direct and contacts the 911 Pluto for the last time, will be October 13, 2016. Getting close to “election” time in the USA! Perhaps right now we are beginning a final review on some level, which will culminate in some kind of breaking open mid October.

A week later, on October 20, 2016, Mars conjuncts Pluto, in Capricorn, which could manifest as some kind of volatile action, with military (Mars) energy. Could the election even be aborted, by some kind of “electile dysfunction”?

And is it just another coincidence that September 28, 2016, Pluto stations direct at 14 Capricorn, exactly square to the 14 degree Libra Mercury AND ascendant of the 911 chart? It could very well be time for the whole terrorist narrative to die, as we get to see with our own eyes behind the curtain just how the deception was and is done, and who exactly are the real terrorists.

Also July 14, Jupiter in Virgo conjuncts the Sun of 911. This can signify some kind of healing (Virgo) around the event, especially since the north node is also in Virgo, very near that position.

Then we can also look at when Saturn finishes transiting the Saturn Pluto opposition of 911. November 4, 2016 is when Saturn opposes the position of the 911 Saturn in Gemini for that last time. Just days before the US election.

we are in the “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain” moment

What does all this mean? Well, it could go any number of ways. It really is up to us. It could be the moment when things really break down even more, and the lie becomes the “law of the land” in a totalitarian kind of way. But is that the reality we want to create?  But look, this is the choice we face. Do we cast our vote for the Lie? or do we contribute our will, and our imagination to a real transformation, one with eyes and hearts wide open?

If you really do want to see in this way, it is available now. You just have to allow it. But that means you have to be willing to SEE the truth. That’s the hard part. If you are not willing even to look, if you are willing to just swallow the pre-arranged story, because you’d rather not be bothered, then you lose the advantage that clear vision brings with it.

It also can be the moment when the entire lie comes crashing down, like the towers in New York. I am leaning more towards this scenario. 911 is the cornerstone of that lie. When it is exposed and healed, it could very well be the beginning of a massive cascade of dominoes where this whole time loop false “reality” collapses, and all the actors of malicious intent are exposed for all to see.

The election cycle has become so all consuming and viscerally repugnant, that this “election” may be the perfect moment for a collective vomit like the world has never seen. We are already feeling it. You know, when you know you are going to throw up, but you still try to resist it, but then the body takes over and you just have to go with it. But let’s remember too, usually you feel much better after you throw up. Hard to tell exactly how that will look, but it looks to me like a purge is in order.

Anyway, just a heads up. I noticed this line-up in the planets and thought it was worth pointing out.


2 thoughts on “The Tower: Saturn revisits 911

  1. Fantastic stuff and spot on I would say. But i would also say that the presidential campaigns, given the players involved, are almost pivotal to this play we are watching. They are almost like the greek gods themselves come down in human form to ‘play humanity to see whether they can wake up,’ while the rest of the gods gamble on the outcome..Thanks Kit…loved it. x


    1. thanks Kavi ! yes, somehow the whole drama does have a necessity to it, much like the chrysalis of a butterfly. Needed until it’s not needed. let’s hope now is the butterfly moment.


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