the Lion’s Gate and the Infinite Power of Eight

In the past few days i have seen so many references to the Lion’s Gate, which we have just passed through, on 8/8, but no one mentions anything about exactly where this term comes from, and why the 8th of August is the day of the Lion’s Gate. So, as a bit of an addendum to my last post, perhaps i can shed some light on the subject.

The Lion’s Gate is one of four gates through which the Sun passes every year. These gates are precisely at the midpoint (15 degrees) of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. The are, the Bull’s Gate, in Taurus, Lion’s Gate in Leo, Eagle’s Gate in Scorpio, and the Angel’s Gate in Aquarius.


You will find some very interesting information about the Bull, Lion, Eagle, and Angel, (or Man) in the writings of Rudolf Steiner, where basically he says that humans are a combination of all of these: the digestive system is related to the Bull (cows are really all stomach), the rhythmic system, (i.e. the heart and lungs) is related to the Lion, the head (and the process of mind and thought) is related to the Eagle (which is the resurrected Scorpio), and the Angel is related to the true, awakened human.

Man as Symphony of the Creative Word:

So we find these gates in the middle of the fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius, which also is the middle of each 90 degree quadrant of the zodiac. The circle with the cardinal points is divided in 4, and this divides those quadrants, making a total of 8 equal parts to the zodiac. Notice the symbol for the number 8 is really just the infinity symbol turned on its side. So i am going to speculate that these 4 gates are the places where infinity enters the equation, and the miraculous happens.

For example, the Bull’s Gate in Taurus (fixed earth) can be the place where the seed that has been planted actually sprouts. It is a radical transformation, and really, to me anyway, qualifies as a miracle. Yes, we have scientific explanations for what happens at that moment, but it is a moment when infinity, life itself, enters the picture. At the cardinal points, 0 degrees Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, we see the manifest change, but at these gates is where the miracle takes place in secret.

So the Lion’s Gate, what could that be? I am wondering if it has to do with the moment of enlightenment of the human being, where our innate infinite potential spontaneously activates. As I explained in my last article, the middle of the fixed signs is a transformational moment where awareness of the opposite sign flashes across the circle, So here, into the human heart, (Leo), the Angel (Aquarius) enters, so to speak.

We could say that the miracle that happens at the Lion’s Gate is really the heartbeat, and how for some inexplicably miraculous reason it continues to happen. In this video below, Drunvalo Melchizedek shares some very powerful information about what he calls the “tiny space of the heart”, which i have also mentioned in relation to some other spiritual teachers, including Ramana Maharishi and Adi Da. Although they use different words to describe it, I am convinced they are all talking about the same thing. Drunvalo explains how there is a very tiny process that begins in the heart with the “pacemaker” cells, at the sino-atrial node, where three elements, magnesium, calcium, and phosphorus, combine in a microscopic interaction that starts the process of the heartbeat, and then it is amplified through the chambers of the heart, to become quite a forceful impulse. He goes on to explain that this impulse can magnify to the point where it is infinite.

Drunvalo’s Cosmic Grace:

So it quickly becomes clear that we have the power to connect to the Infinite, through the heart, and, in fact, that is truly what we ARE. The heart is not of duality, it is of unity, infinity and oneness. When the heart awakens, the head is illuminated, and the two halves of the brain are resolved. Imagine a world of humans cured of the duality disease.

So perhaps this is the process of the Lion’s Gate, the process of the awakening of the heart to what is eternal. Because it is wholeness, then it is the ultimate force of healing too. Disease can only exist in duality. This is Eternity, the place of no death. And this Infinite Radiance is the only true medicine.

Also, let’s notice that infinity is not on the number line. What does that mean? It means that if you start counting to infinity, you will never get there. But “everything is nothing with a twist”, as Kurt Vonnegut said. We could say that twist is the torus, which the “new science” is finding to be inherent in all life, micro to macro.

Could Zero actually be Infinity already? The point is, why bother counting to Infinity when that is where you are already? This is a metaphor that can be very practically applied in our approach to life. How does life progress when we live at infinity, where all is already accomplished, complete, whole, and perfect?

The Zero Point IS Infinity.

This is the life of infinite oneness. I am wondering if this doesn’t make a whole new way of living available to us, where everything spontaneously self-generates, without cause, or effect, where we act spontaneously in harmony with Universal Law. Could that be the way it is already, but we just don’t see it?

The source of light casts no shadow. Does the Sun have a shadow? of course not. So when the heart awakens, we become the Sun. Immediately, the shadow is gone. Could liberation be that effortless? Of course! How could it be any different?


So if we simultaneously embody the cross of all 4 Gates, this could be a complete resurrection and awakening, in, as, and beyond the body, into Source Consciousness beyond all duality. This is the “crux” of the “matter”.

Notice that this “tiny space” of the heart is not in the chakra circuit, either. It is not the heart chakra. The chakra circuit is a bit like a treadmill, down the front of the body, and up the spine. When attention is trapped there, somewhere in that circuit, experience, high and low is constantly reinforced. We go from heaven to hell and back again. We repeat the same types of experience and lessons, the wheel of karma, cause and effect, time and space.

The circuit of the awakened heart is the shortcut. It comes directly from Source, at the heart, and returns directly to Source, above the crown, and illuminates the whole body in the process, much like the filament in a light bulb. It bypasses the endless ladder of achievement. It is accessible to anyone who has the capacity to rest attention in the heart. Often we’ll find that it is the most simple, kind, and ordinary people who have this capacity, where those of us who have been well trained to live in the head may have a much harder time accessing this miracle. We are so conditioned to believe in accomplishment, that we can’t imagine a gift so effortless.

Even though it has an effortless quality, it’s important to remember that these gates are the points in the zodiac of the most fixed, most consolidated energy, so it can feel very pressurized. It can give rise to feelings of stuckness, exhaustion, and lethargy. But the caterpillar in its cocoon, or the seed underground, are in this kind of position as the transformation happens. It is the most dense place, but most ripe with potential.

The Lion’s gate happens more than once a year, however. It is happening in myriad ways all the time in astrological cycles, from micro to macro. It is found with every waxing sesquiquadrate, or 135 degree aspect, between any pair of planets. This is 90 degrees, plus 45 degrees. The 135 degree and 45 degree angles are always carrying the transformational power of 8. Right now there are several of these aspects operating, between major planets. Specifically, the position of Jupiter, in the last degrees of Leo, and into the beginning of Virgo, is making sesquiquadrates to both Pluto and Uranus, of the now infamous Pluto/Uranus square, which has been kicking our butts now for the last 5 years. And Jupiter is exactly square to Saturn, which is also semi square Pluto and sesquiquadrate Uranus. So the Jupiter Saturn square is acting powerfully on the Pluto Uranus square. The process of having to make the awakening real, here on earth, is just beginning. The way i see it, the tables are turning. Don’t give up !!

We are in an 8 year too, 2015. Let’s allow the remembrance of our own Infinity. This is the time when the caterpillar emerges from the cocoon. This is the moment the water boils. This is the time when the sleepers wake.

2 thoughts on “the Lion’s Gate and the Infinite Power of Eight

  1. What a wonderful post! So full of information and insights that certainly give a lot to think about, thank you so much! I just found it and I had to say something, so… thank you for all the astrological info about the Lion’s Gateway and the illuminating perceptions about unity and oneness, I loved.
    Hope the very best in your way and much, much love!

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