Free Energy

I have been fascinated watching all the news coming out about free energy. What has been particularly intriguing to me is to see that some people still can’t even open themselves to the possibility of such a thing. They always bring up the “laws of physics”, saying that it is scientifically impossible, and so forth. It suddenly became clear to me, that to be available for the possibility of free energy, YOUR energy has to be free. Otherwise, it is just simply not possible for you to see it. You will just see the reflection of yourself in the world.

Here’s what i see. I see that we are in an incredibly vast place, exploding with stars, which are powerhouses of energy. The stars are all part of galaxies that are spinning in SUCH a vast dimension that it is truly beyond our capacity to conceive of. OK, here’s the simple question. What is making all of that move? Isn’t it requiring amounts of energy so huge, that a infinitesimal fraction of it would power every human need on the whole planet…? Even just in the solar system…there’s the Sun. what an amazing amount of energy! we are being blasted with it every day, even when it is cloudy. Non stop. And besides all the light and heat, there’s a tsunami of electromagnetic energy coming out of Sol, every moment, waves of it washing over the earth.

And then there are all the planets in the solar system, including the Earth itself. What keeps them all going? they spin, and rotate through their orbits non stop, without showing any signs of running out of steam.

So what kind of energy would you call all this energy? It certainly doesn’t cost anything, does it? so, then, i’d say it’s free. Therefore, free energy exists. There’s no debate, really.
The question is, are there ways to harness this vast energy? Of course there are.

Now let’s consider how we get energy here on planet Earth. The biggest part is the oil business. The oil feeds fires, in all sorts of ways. The internal combustion engine, for example. Thousands of explosions per minute in every engine on the planet. Even considering that for a moment can yield an understanding of how violent and UNelegant the whole process is. To me it always feels like we’re still stuck in the stone age with the internal combustion engine in every car. It is a crude and primitive way to go. No matter how you look at it, all of the oil method of energy is based on burning, consuming something, that we presuppose to be finite. That attaches a monetary value to it, because there’s not enough to go around, or so we’re told. So it becomes a kind of addiction that we are forced into paying for on a regular basis.

Oil has been compared to the blood of the earth, which would make the oil business a parasitic operation. Imagine that, burning the blood of the earth. What does that do to her? Do we care? And the byproducts of the burning is always this carbon pollution. Seems to me the earth needs its blood where it belongs, underground.

But also even eating food is a kind of burning process. “carbo”hydrates and all. Somehow we persist in the idea that we can’t extract energy here unless we are burning, consuming, destroying. But even the whole idea of “extracting” it, feels primitive. When the sun shines on your face, do you need to “extract” the heat? No, it’s natural, and nothing is destroyed, no energy lost.

See how the burning paradigm works its way into every aspect of your life. It reinforces the idea that we are carbon based life-forms, which is an idea that is deeply resistant to the emerging paradigm of infinite boundless energy. Those of us who are open to it are going through an unprecedented transformation of body-mind, a graduation from the carbon based way of life. It’s hard to even put into words, but to me it feels like the remembrance of our sacred geometrical vehicle, one that exists in free space as an eternal being. It is like the blueprint or source code of the eternal being, which can realign the entire physical vehicle with the wholeness of innate perfection. This goes beyond even the concept of healing. The carbon based body has to respond to it, and once your center of gravity is ‘re-located’ in the eternal Self, the process takes care of itself. It puts the physical body through some very uncomfortable changes at times, to be sure, but it is possible for the body to be transformed into something way more refined and subtle than is most people’s customary state. Alive and aware, and seeing beyond the five sense realm, into the realm of primal space, where all potential exists. More and more able to enjoy free energy from within and beyond, less and less dependent on food, even. Yogis even get to the place in meditation where breathing stops, as if bypassed, connected directly to Source.

Just think about what life would be like with free energy. No more electricity bills, no more gasoline for transportation, no more heating bills. Think of the actual real world freedom that would bring to people. Isn’t it obvious why those who control the money wouldn’t want people to have such a thing? Very bad for business. No more “consumers”. And no more slaves.

OK, so how do we free our own energy? First of all, drop the past. There’s no energy there. The past is like oil. Oil is sunlight from centuries ago that got trapped underground with the lifeforms of that time, if you go with the fossil fuel idea. So, why are we trying to extract sunlight that way, when we are being bombarded with it here and now, every day? Seems like a lot of unnecessary and messy steps in between, that don’t really need to be there. This is the same way ego works. Do it MY way, the hard way. The reason is obviously because there’s no way to control sunlight, to charge money for it, and ultimately to enslave people. The ego always has to extract some personal gain for itself, otherwise it’s not really interested. So the oil business is like the ego business. Self-serving and controlling. And also, the ego is obsessed with past and future. And its function is to distract you from your source of power in the present. (the power of now.) The power of the now is intrinsically free. There is no way it could be turned into a sellable commodity, any more than solar power could be.

When we free our energy from the knots in the body/mind that keep it trapped, we more and more begin to realize ourselves as universal beings, without limits, infinite, eternal, and free. We become more and more present, until we pop into the now in an irreversible way. Then we cross the threshold into the realm of free energy. When you become absolutely present, an energy source becomes available to you that is inconceivable. It is exactly like the Sun. In fact it is the Real Sun, of which the sun in the sky is just a reflection, or doorway. When your being opens in this way, the possibility of free energy is not only conceivable, it’s as obvious as the sun in the sky. But if you are stuck in your small minded concerns, you will never allow yourself to notice it. You have everything neatly named and quantified, and if you can’t see it, then it’s not real. This is a state of mind the “powers that were” have wanted to keep you in now for millennia. You will only accept what an “authority” tells you on something. And that authority has to exist “outside” you. The idea of external authority just reinforces the paradigm of duality, which is not how things truly are. At your Source you have access to original knowing, primal intelligence beyond words. This knowing has an absolute certainty to it that is not possible to put into words, and yet it can inform all of your words. It is the answer to all questions, ultimately. It stops the mind’s incessant search, undoes its obsession with owning and knowing. It relegates the mind back to its true function, as servant. The sun rises in the heart and takes the throne, its authority obvious. No certificates needed.

There are new scientists coming now, who are seeing at an entirely new level. This is a paradigm shattering moment, and free energy is one of the cornerstones of it. If everyone has their own affordable free energy generator (and the technology has existed at least since Nikola Tesla), then the resource wars will simply stop. Because who cares? Who needs an electric company? Who needs a gas station? The controllers will become unemployed. And these free energy devices are not based on burning and destroying anything. They are more electrically based, using principles of electromagnetism, which is elegant, clean, and inexhaustible. Magnets don’t lose their magnetic fields. It is not an energy that decreases over time.

The answer is obvious. These technologies exist, and have been suppressed, in order to keep people under control. There are countless examples of inventors being killed or stifled, their patents being bought or stolen, and put on the shelf, and their laboratories destroyed. And of course, all these accounts are left out of the history books. Why did we never learn about the amazing Nikola Tesla in school? Of all the scientists and inventors who ever lived, he should be right out there on top of the heap. Certainly worthy of a mention. But no, nothing. That alone has to make you wonder.

So let’s open our minds and hearts. Amazing miracles abound on this planet. Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by those who tell you that anything at all is impossible. This is a place of infinite potential, this now moment. Potential is power. Allow yourself to embody this infinite potential. Be the messenger of infinity that you are. Free energy is Consciousness Itself.

©2014 Kit Walker

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